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The KO Curtain shall be inspected?

A) weekly during MUD
B) After each use
C) daily
D) Monthly

A & B

The KO Curtain shall be inspected weekly during MUD and after each use.

TB Tools 2
3.1 Maintenance


True or false
-If there is and doubt as to the serviceability of the KO Curtain, the batt. commander shall place the curtain OOS?


The officer on duty places the curtain OOS

TB Tools 2
Maintenance 3.2


Each division has been issued _____ replacement KO curtains for use only when a company's original KO curtain has been damaged during fire operations.

Each division has been issued_2_replacement KO curtains.

TB Tools KO curtain


KO Curtain Facts:
•tested to 2000 degrees F. Survived 50mph winds & 60 minutes of fire exposure
•27.5 lbs/8'x6'
•four 3/8"diameter, 15'long fire proof ropes. One @ each corner
•4 SS clips @ ends of ropes



Sure Search Door Marker(2 kinds-large and small markers)
-Highly Visible markers placed on the outside door knob when a member enters an area for search, let's other members know that search is completed or in progress and to move on

-large marker can b used as a latch strap.Open ends snapped around both door knobs
-only selected ladders and rescues receive them.Each member is issued 2large & 2small.
-Field comm has a supply of them for use at major emer. TB TOOL19


The Rabbit Tool is a 25 lb Hydraulically operated forcible entry tool that will exert over ________tons of force..

4 tons of force

TB Tools 21


True or false

The Rabbit tool is used on outward opening doors and at times can be used as an auto extrication tool.

Rabbit tool is used on inward opening doors and is never to be used as an auto extrication tool



You are a newly assigned truck officer working in L-159 and FF Kopp notices a hydraulic leak in one of the hoses on the rabbit tool..You would be correct in saying the tool gets sent out to what unit for repair?

Repairs and transportation unit

T.B. Tools 21


Hydra Ram is a hydraulically operated FE tool that requires no priming and will extend to____of an inch per stroke to a maximum of ________ inches.

Extend to 3/4 of an inch and maximum opening of 4 inches..

T.B. Tools 26


True or false

The maximum force of the Hydra ram is 10,000 lbs and weighs 12lbs


T.B. Tools 26


You are operating at a car into the water. The Hurst tool is unavail. so FF LaNetz thinks it would be a good idea to operated the hydra ram on the door of the car that is sitting in 4 feet of water. Would FF LaNetz be correct in doing so?

The Hydra Ram can be used on automobiles and it can be used under water


Hydra Ram Facts
-3/4"per stroke-Max opening 4"
-Max force 10,000lbs
-No hose attachments
-weighs 12lbs, 13 inches long
-works on both outward and inward opening doors
-can be used on autos
-can be used under water

T.B. Tools 26


During the probys inspection of the hydra ram he realizes that both the pistons under the operating arm and working end piston needs to be lubricated.You would be correct in telling him that the pistons should be lubricated with___________?

"3 in 1" oil (Which is purchased through the firehouse expense fund)

T.B. Tools 26


True or false
Positive Pressure Fans
-The fans are highly mobile units. There are 2 wheels mounted to the front of the fan. When the fan needs to be moved, you may transport them at low idle or when the fans are shut off only..

-The fan unit can only transported when the fan is shut down..NOT. When at low idle..

T.B. Tools 32


When shall the positive pressure ventilation fans be inspected?

-Fans shall be inspected daily at the start of the 9x6 tour
-Fans are also to be started at MUD and run at full ROM for 5 minutes

T.B. Tools 32

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