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Agree or Disgree
It is not necessary to check using two meters at a radiological incident or emergency.
ERP 4 2.2 2.3

Readings must be confirmed by a second meter


The radalert50 meter has a maximum scale range of __________mr/hr
ERP 4 4.4.2



The most effective way first responders can protect themselfs at radiological incidents or emergency operating in the hot zone is to.
ERP 4 3.2.2 c

Shield first responders from air borne particles with full PPE with SCBA in the hot zone..


When should units carry the Rad 50 meter?
ERP 4 2.1
A. When out of Qtrs
C. Responding to complaints
D. During assessment of emergencies and fires
E. All of these

E. All of them


Choking agents will have what type of odor?
ERP 2 2.4

Chlorine or grass


At a suspected explosive device HT'S and cell phones shall not be used within________ feet and marine and post radios shall not be used within_______ feet.
ERP 3 7.3



Members at a post detonation explosive device should don appropriate PPE and SCBA. Is it true that they should not wear there facpiece.
ERP 3 7.5.4

Do not don facepiece unless there are indications of respiratory danger. The reduced vision while wearing the facepiece could be a safety issue


The first arriving ladder co at a chemical attack in the subway will perform the following except?
ERP 2 6.1
A. Direct victims to the SRA
B. Mark the route for CPC entry/Rescue teams
C. Force open gates or turnstiles
D. Enter the subway and remove all visible unresponsive persons

Members are not to enter a subway where visable persons are unresponsive


After turning the Radalert50 on how long does it take the unit to show a complete reading on the LCD screen?
ERP 4a 2.1
A.45 sec
B. 30 sec
C. 1 min
D. 1min 30 sec

1 min


Choose the correct statement.
A. The Rad50 uses 3 AAA batteries and should be replaced every 6 months
B. The Rad50 uses 1 9 volt battery and should be changed every 3 months.
ERP 4a 4.1



True or Flase
The Ultraradiac monitor when not in use shall be placed in the cab of the rig in the sleep mode.
ERP 4d 6.8



The Ultraradic shall be carried by officers, choose the correct statement.
ERP 4d 11
A. The fire officer should carry the Ultraradic using the retention strap secured to there bunker coat.
B. The Ultraradic shall be secured to the ht case using the retention strap
C. The Ultrarardic should be carried with the d-ring on the officers bunker coat
D. None of these

Desigated for use by a officer shall be continuously secured to the officer ht case by the use of the retention strap


The 2nd ladder company assigned to a chemical attack of a subway should preform the following expect? ERP 2 6.4
A. Establish a contamination reduction corridor
B. Coordinate and limit site access
C. Assist in the communications relay
D. Bring a stokes/SKED

The first Lcc will assist in the radio relay


The Ultraradiac will only detect what types of radiation?
ERP 4d 1.2

Gamma and X-Ray

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