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T or F.
During application of foam onto a burning surface of fuel, the fire can burn back across the surface as soon as the particular extinguishing agent begins to break down if the fire is not completely extinguished.


Foam 2.2


T or F.
Fluoroprotein foam shall be generated with fresh water only. Salt water will disrupt the extinguishing agents in the foam.


Fluoroprotein foam can be generated with either fresh or salt water.

Foam 3.1.1


If a foam eductor cannot be placed into operation, the premixing of fluoroprotein foam solution can be accomplished by dumping ___ 5-gallon cans of concentrate into a 500-gallon booster tank to produce a ___% solution.

3 5-gallon cans into 500-gallon tank producing a 3% solution. (If a 750-gallon tank, use 4 5-gallon cans.)

Foam section 4.2


A first alarm assignment provides ___ gallons of foam. With one handline in operation approximately ___ sq ft of fire can be extinguished.

A) 55 and 500
B) 75 and 700
C) 65 and 600
D) 45 and 400

C. Engines carry 3 5-gallon cans. Trucks carry 2 5-gallon cans. With a 3 and 2 response, thats a total of 65 gallons covering approx. 600 sq ft.

Foam sec. 7.3.1


A sharp lieutenant drilling with his men knows that during a bulk oil tank incident, it is more dangerous for a tank to be partially full than a full tank of fuel.

True or False.

True. A partially full tank is full of vapors. It is much more dangerous than a full tank which acts as a heat sink.

Foam section. 7.6.7


All foam have a shelf life. For Protein based foam ( Fluoroprotein and Alcohol resistant fluoroprotein) the shelf life is approx. ___ years. Synthetic based foam (AFFF and Hi-Ex), have a shelf life of approx. ___years.

A) 5 & 10
B) 10 & 15
C) 10 & 20
D) 5 & 15
E) the above statement is incorrect. Foam does not have a shelf life.

C) 10 years for protein based & 20 years for synthetic.

Foam sec. 9.2


When stretching a foam handline, what psi does the ECC provide at the eductor?

A) 100 psi
B) 150 psi
C) 200 psi
D) 250 psi

C. 200 psi at the eductor

TB foam evolution 1 section 2.4


19 Foam depots throughout the city stock Flouoroprotein concentrate, Alcohol Resistant Fluoroprotein concentrate and Hi-Ex foam concentrate. How many cans of each do they store?

50 5-gallon cans of each type foam.

TB Foam sec. 6.2.1


What is the operating pressure of a pressurized water extinguisher?

A) 100 psi
B) 70 psi
C) 120 psi
D) 150 psi

A. 100 psi at 70 degrees F.

TB tools 1 sec. 1


The water extinguisher should be hydrostatically tested at 10 year intervals or at any time it shows evidence of corrision or mechanical damage.

T or F

F. At 5 year intervals and any time it show evidence of corrosion or mechanical damage.

TB tools 1 section 1


The water extinguisher should be inspected:

A) beginning of each tour and after each use
B) daily and after each use

B) daily and after each use.

TB tools 1 section 4


While discussing the Spamco 120 gpm foam nozzle, it would be correct to state that its reach is anywhere from 75-100 ft at 120 gpm at psi.

T or F


Reach is 50-75 ft at 120 gpm at 80 psi

TB foam data sheet 2


For incidents exceeding foam capabilities of first arriving units, the department has placed 10 foam carriers in service. Their booster tanks are filled with ____ gallons of fluoroprotein concentrate or fluoropolydol.

A) 500
B) 750
C) 1000
D) 2000

C. 1000 gallons

TB foam section 6.3.1


Can members enter an area where AFFF foam has been used to knock down the fire?

No. Members should avoid entering such area until a stable fluoroprotein or alcohol resistant fluoroprotein foam blanket has been established throughout the area to control the vapors.

TB foam sec 2.5

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