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How far apart are the rungs on portable ladders?



What are some of the disadvantages of aluminum ladders?

readily conduct electricity
conduct heat very rapidly.
Due to excessive heat exposure a discoloration may indicate a loss of sturctural strength. In such cases tech services shall be notified. 5


If upon receipt of a spare apparatus,the companys ladders cannot be held securely what shall be done?

Tech services shall be immediately notified by phone, & an entry made in co. journal


In the event an officer feels that a ladder cant be temporarily stored on the spare rig what should you do with the ladder?

Leave it off the rig. And make entry in co. journal
6.1.2 c


When marking portable ladders where should you mark the length of the ladder and where should you mark the unit designation?

On straight ladders mark the length on each end of each rail (4x) w/in 12" of the end of the ladder.
Extension ladders marked at the butt end only of each rail of the bed section.
The unit ID shall be marked w/in 18" of each butt end. SEC.7


What is the distance that is to be left between apparatus in order to remove portable ladders from the ladder apparatus?



What is the proper climbing angle of portable ladders?

65-75 degrees,at this angle is maximum strength.
angles steeper than 75 the member risks falling off,
less than 65 requires a reduction in max. loading


What is the proper placement of portable ladders at a roof, window, or fire escape?

Window: tips shall be level w/ the sill
Roof: at least 2' above roof/parapet
Alongside a fire escape: tips 1-3' above railing
Against a fire escape: tip slightly above railing


If the ladder is to be left unattended what is to be done to secure it?

It is to be secured at the tip by the 1st member that climbs it.


Portable ladders have a rated load capacity. What are the load capacities for collapsible, roof,straight, & extension ladders?

collapsible: up to 300lbs.
Roof/straight: up to 500lbs.
24' extension: up to 500lbs
35' extension: up to 600lbs.


What are some of the other uses of portable ladders?

Bridge a fence
as a barrier
used in a T.L.
support overhead doors
ice covered ponds,lakes
bridging cave-in excavations SEC.10


When having to ladder a brownstone type building, how shall you get a port. ladder to the rear?

Most cases taking the ladder thru the 2nd(parlor) flr. of an adjoining & passing it out the rear window is faster than going thru the fire bldg. And you should bring it to the rear w/ the butts facing the rear. 11.2.2 D 1b


Generally what floor can the 35' extension ladder reach?

35'- 4th flr.
25' or 35' - 3rd flr.
16' or 25' - 2nd flr. or a 10' -14' "A" frame
11.2.2 D 2


When a member is on a ladder in position to vent a window how shall he accomplish this?

6' hook is preferable,he shall extend his arm upward & slant the tool downward & strike the glass. 11.3.2 5


Whe using a portable ladder for bridging what is the only way it may be used?

In the nested position.


How high should you climb on either a straight or extension ladder for purposes of safety?

no higher than the 3rd rung from the top.


When shall inspections of portable ladders be made?

Weekly & after each use.


When conducting a visual inspection on the portable ladders What are some of the defects we're looking for?

cracked welds
loose rungs
bent rungs or beams
missing/loose rivets,nuts,bolts
discoloration(heat exposure)
broken mechanical lock assemblies 14.2.3


How often shall plain candle wax or parrafin be applied to multiple section ladders?

every 3 months
14.3.1 C

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