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At a fire on the third floor of a tenement building, who would be responsible for assisting with the proper placement of the apparatus prior to carrying out his other assigned duties?

FFP Aerial Ladders, 2.2
brownstone, roof man assists if he is taking the aerial to the roof


Recommended distance of the tip from the objective is ______. In case of rescue, use the ______ positioning, so that the ladder will rest against the window sill after weight is put on it. At a very extreme angle, eg placing the ladder to the roof of a seven story building, allow the ladder to ______

barely touch
FFP Aerial Ladders, 3.1.5


When positioning the ladder at a window, you would be correct in placing the tip how far over the sill?
A. 3"
B. 6"
C. 9"
D. 1"

A. the ladder tip should be placed less than 6" over the window sill. 1"-5" is good
FFP Aerial Ladders, 3.1.6


FF Lankford is driving the highway, an aerial ladder, and responds to to fire in a class 3 multiple dwelling with people trapped on the fire escape on arrival. In order to effect a rescue for the people trapped on the fire escape FF Lankdord would be correct in placing the aerial where?

Place the ladder alongside the fire escape and against the building (2" out) with the tip about 1' to 3' above the balcony railing
FFP Aerial Ladders 3.3.1


Where should LT Nowicki instruct his LCC to position the Aerial when responding to a severe fire in a 50 x 80 building with no victims or fire showing upon arrival?
A. center of the turntable lined up with the center of the building
B. center of the turntable approximately 15' from the side wall passed on the approach
C. center of the turntable approximately 15' from the far end of the building
D. close to the exposure with the greatest possibility of fire

B. If no conditions exist in the front of the building, requiring a definite position, place the center of the turntable approximately 15' from the side wall passed on your approach
FFP Aerial Ladders 3.5.1


Lt. Delaraba was instructing his members on how to properly vent a window utilizing the Aerial Ladder. In which one of these statements would Lt Delaraba be incorrect?
A. Aim at the lower panel, just below the sash, and extend without hitting the sides or tops of windows
B. When the angle becomes extreme, just lower the ladder so that the inside beam breaks the window
C. Under no circumstances shall ventilation of windows be effected by exerting lateral pressure with the ladder

A. Aim at the upper window panels, just above the sash, and extend without hitting the sides or tops of window frames
FFP Aerial Ladders 4.6


T/F You can at times move the ladder with the firefighter and victim on it during rescue operations

True, Only in an extreme emergency such as direct exposure by flame or great heat will the movement of the ladder with the firefighter and victim on it be justified
Aerial Ladders, 5.6 note


Choose the incorrect statement regarding victim removal by Aerial Ladder
A. place yourself one rung below the rung the victim is standing on
B. descend in unison, i.e. right foot for right foot left foot for left foot
C. Keep victim between you and ladder at all times and maintain physical contact. At steeper angles have the victim grasp the rails
D. Talk the victim into looking straight or up, not down

C. At steeper angles grasp the rungs
Aerial Ladders 5.7


When there are two victims to be removed and a serious fire condition in the front, what is the order of victim removal?

Both members, LCC and OVM, assist the most helpless victim onto the ladder and the LCC assist the victim below the point of danger and then to the street. While the chauffeur is slowly descending, the OVM climbs onto the ladder(from the window) and assists the more ambulatory person onto the ladder and complete descent is made
Aerial Ladder 5.11.1


You, the officer of an aerial truck company, respond to a fire in fireproof multiple dwelling. Upon arrival you notice that there are 3 victims in need of rescue utilizing the Aerial Ladder. Being a sharp Lt. you know that you must select another member to assist the chauffeur and OV in effecting the rescue effort. Which firefighter would you select for this responsibility?
A. Someone from your inside team (can or irons)
B. OV from second due truck company
C. Your Roof firefighter and inform the IC and 2nd due roof
D. any member from the 2nd due engine

A. with a 5 man company, the officer selects either member of his FE team to assist LCC and OVM
Aerial Ladders 5.12


What three reasons might an officer give precedence to positioning of his apparatus over a Tower Ladder at a fire in a vacant?

1. building not completely vacant
2. officer receives information or has prior knowledge that part of this building is used by vagrants or squatters
3. the reach of his 100' aerial is required to expedite or execute certain tasks or assignments
Aerial Ladders 6.6.1


When should the Ladder chauffeur remain on the turntable when members have entered the building by aerial ladder?

When they are in precarious position such as floor over heavy fire; the roof of a building with heavy fire condition etc.
Aerial Ladders 7.5


Which is the only tool that need not be actually carried on aerial ladders, portable ladders, or fire escapes?

Hook - the hook is extended arms length overhead and hooked on a rung. it is not touched again until the member has climbed to a position where the top of the hook is at knee level
Aerial Ladders 7.15.1


If setting the tormentors after the aerial is in position, how should you set the outboard tormentors?

set them slightly above the ground if placing them after the ladder is positioned
Aerial Ladders 8.2 note


What is considered the danger zone in regard to the Aerial Ladder?

Area immediately around the turntable
Aerial Ladder 8.27


Where should the FF position themselves if he is to climb the aerial at the start of the operation?

positioned on the turntable before the aerial ladder is to be raised and rotated
Aerial Ladders 8.27

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