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When signs denoting speed humps are found to be missing who shall a report be forwarded to?
A. Batt.
B. Div.
C. Bureau of planning, city ops. FDNY
D. Bureau of ops. , city planning, FDNY

D. AUC 8 sec.3


What is the advised speed limit for each speed reducing hump?
A. 3" 20 MPH/ 4" 15 MPH
B. 3" 15 MPH / 4" 20 MPH
C. 4" 15 MPH / 3" 25 MPH
D. 4" 17 MPH / 3" 20 MPH

A. These advisory speeds shall be adhered to at ALL times.
AUC 8 sec. 3


A special assignment (sa) officer activity report must be completed by the SA officer when?
A. Daily
B. Each tour
C. Weekly
D. Monthly

B. Each tour
AUC 82 1.2


When shall the SA officer complete this form?
A. Beginning of tour
B. Middle of tour
C. End of tour
D. Prior to completing tour

D. AUC 82 4.1


The SA officer report ( BP 82) shall be faxed to whom?
A. Assigned batt.
B. Assigned div.
C. Assigned borough command
D. The SA desk

B. AUC 82 4.1


What are the basic components of the buckeye pipeline?
A. (2) 12" copper pipes 1- gasoline 2- kerosene
B. (2) 14" steel pipes 1- diesel based aviation fuel 2- gasoline
C. (3) 12" copper pipes 1- diesel 2- gasoline
D. (2) 12" steel pipes 1- gas 2- kerosene based aviation fuel.

D. AUC 149 1.1


There are 3 types of wrenches in use, a short t wrench, a 3 1/2' wrench painted yellow & a combo wrench that incorporates both. Using the combo wrench how many turns will it take to shut down a valve?
A. 42 half / 84 full
B. 42 full / 84 half
C. 48 half / 24 full
D. 213 full turns

B. Correct
D. Iroquois pipeline
AUC 149 2.3.2


Which direction do you turn the 3 1/2' yellow tee wrench when shutting valves?
A. Counterclockwise
B. Clockwise

B. AUC 149 2.3.2


Pipeline profile cards have been placed in each valve box for the information and use of responding units. If cards are found to be missing what must be done?
A. Notify admin batt.
B. Notify admin div.
C. Notify bureau of ops.
D. Notify div. 8

D. Notify the buckeye pipeline coordinate rat div. 8
AUC 149 3.3.3


What units are equipped w/ UAAC's & instruction cards?
A. Assigned units only
B. Assigned units & 2nd alarm units
C. Assigned units & back up units
D. 2nd alarm & back up units

C. They are each issued 2 sets of UAAC's & instruction cards.
AUC 149 4.3


What is kept at the house watch or other prominently located area on apparatus floor for use by relocaters?
A. Extra wrenches , UAAC's
B. Foam cans, UAAC, extra wrenches,map
C. UAAC, foam
D. Foam, wrenches,map

B. 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.11


E-309 receives a run on BI for 2nd alarm at buckeye pipeline. Lt. Griswald instructs his ECC FF tommy tuna fish to stop back at qtrs. To get the extra foam cans. Agree/ disagree

4.12 note


L-159 responds to box 9004 indicating a strong gas odor. When 10-84 Lt. Uncle bill sniffs out the odor to a leaking buckeye pipeline. What is his next move?
A. Fucking retire!
B. Well you know TX a 2nd alarm
C. In my old house we would TX a 3rd alarm
D. Go 10-8 & get back to BI

B. Tx 2 nd alarm


Our #1 responsibility is to isolate the leak by manually closing the valves as per the instruction cards. In the event we cannot who must we notify & why would we not be able to isolate?
A. Serious life threatening situation/ IC
B. Serious life-threatening situation/ dispatcher
C. Incident commander/ too much gas
D. AFID / uncle bill

B. 6.1 & 6.1.1


309-159 are 10-84 for a buckeye response & there's fire blowing out of the pipeline. Does the friendly firehouse put out the fire or try to close the valves manually?

The duties required by the UAAC & instruction cards must still be performed & addtl. Alarms tx. Immediately.


How far away should apparatus be from a leak?
A. 500'
B. 600'
C. 700'
D. 800'

B. 600'


The Iroquois pipeline contains what type of fuel?

Natural gas
AUC 150 1.1


What are the initial actions of units responding to Iroquois pipeline boxes?
A. Secure a water source stretch lines & perform life safety ops.
B. Set up a perimeter eliminate sources of ignition.
C. Secure water source don't stretch lines perform life safety
D. Call uncle bill

B. AUC 150 7.1.1


What is the primary consideration at an Iroquois leak?
A. Evacuation of area involved
B. Put out the fire then isolate leak
C. Patrolling the pipeline
D. Tx 2nd alarm

A. 7.2.1


Upon confirmation of a leak what is to be done by the 1st arriving officer?

Tx 2nd alarm
7.2.6 A

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