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Who holds a certificate of fitness from the fire department qualifying him/her to perform duties as require?

Fire safety director

Definitions FFP high rise office


Which of the following are characteristics of a high rise office building?

A) 75 ft or more in height
B) vary in area from 2,000 to over 300,000 square feet
C) fireproof/non-combustible
D) classified as class "E"


FFP High-Rise office sec 2.1


Plenum type ceilings are generally found in buildings built before 1945.

T or F

False, generally not found. They are found in buildings build after 1968.

FFP high rise office sec 2.2.6


Heavy-weight built before 1945, medium-weight build between 1945-1968 and light-weight build after 1968. What's the weight per cubic foot of each?

Heavy-weight 20-23 lbs per cubic foot
Medium-weight 10-20 lbs per cubic foot
Light-weight 8-10 lbs per cubic foot

Sec 2.2 - 2.4


What provides the greatest assistance to FD members who are being deployed to control the fire, and who are conducting the primary search for any trapped occupants in a High-Rise office building?

HVAC system



What two general categories do HVAC systems found in high-rise office building fall into?

A. Central air conditioning systems, in which the processing equipment supplies air to more than one floor

B. Non-central air conditioning systems that serve only the floor on which the processing equipment is located



Which of the following accomplish the supply of processed air to the floors of a high rise office through the HVAC system?

A) supply air shaft
B) fire dampers
C) supply air ducts
D) air diffusers




How shall HVAC systems be placed in the non-circulating mode?

A) opening all outside air supply dampers
B) closing all mixing dampers
C) opening all exhaust dampers



The 1968 building code requires a manual fire pump to supplement the standpipe system in buildings over ___ feet high. The 1938 building code requires a manual fire pump in building over ___ feet high.

A. 200, 150
B. 250, 200
C. 300, 250
D. 350, 300




What's the recommended pump discharge pressure servicing a fire on the 55th floor?

400 psi

Floors 1-10 supply at 150psi, add 50psi for every additional 10 floors.


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