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Older cast-iron lofts where built between 1840-1870. A cast-iron loft built in 1850 is best described in which statement? 4.1.1
A. May be built 8-12 stories and wider than other lofts
B.Maximum 7-8 stories having front and rear walls of brick,stone or iron
C.Exterior walls have a 90 minute fire rating
D. Commercial occupancies utilize cellar and ground floors only



Freight elevators in older cast-iron lofts will have fireman service capabilities which allows for greater movement of members 5.1.2
Agree or disagree



Choose a incorrect description in regards to fireproof lofts: 4.4
A. They range 10-15 stories and usually 50-100 feet or more in width
B. They can be interconnected by automatic fire doors or a sky walk
C. Power lines and stepdown transformers are located on multiple floors
D. All are incorrect



Cast-iron or wrought-iron used for arches and columns have several characteristics that have potential hazards during fire operations.Choose the most correct statement. 5.1.10
A. Cast-iron columns are designed to withstand an eccentric load
B. At 1,100 degrees, cast-iron loses 58% of its original strength
C. Columns when cooled by a hoseline will regain its strength
D. Cast-iron columns are tightly bolted into position and will not have any play



Mill lofts or heavy timber lofts range from________ stories in height 4.3.1

4 to 6 stories


Steel tension cables or rods can fail at________ degrees 5.3.8



Choose the correct statement in regards to the electric service of fireproof lofts. 5.4.2
A. The electrical service room can be located on any floor
B. The electrical service can deliver over 660 amps
C. High voltage service panels are normally located in the basement
D. Step down transformers are located at each main entrance in a multi-tenant loft



A standard fire escape on a old cast-iron loft is best described in which of the following? 5.1.11
A. Horizontal stairway are held in position 8 feet above the sidewalk
B. Hooks are utilized to disengage the latching mechanism
C. They have a width of 3-4 feet and stairway angles of 45,60,75 degrees or steeper
D. Stairs can be horizontally or vertically oriented



In newer cast-iron lofts that are renovated in office buildings often upgraded the utilities. Which statement is correct? 4.2.3
A. Shafts and utility closets extend from the lowest level to the top floor through the floor construction
B. Sprinkler system gravity tanks are not required by law
C. Control panels, shut-off valves and meters will normally be located at the ground floor
D. None of these



When elevator shafts face the street, any window serving the shaft is required to display a __________ sign. 5.1.2



In older cast-iron lofts, enclosed air and light shafts provide air and light to all floors. The best location to locate the shaft is: 5.1.3

Inside the first floor bathroom


Fir towers can be found in what types of loft buildings? 5.3.5

Mill and Fireproof


Choose the correct statement in regard to fire towers? 5.3.5
A. Can be utilized as a attack stairway
B. Should be use as a evacuation stairway
C. Both A and B
D. None of these



When describing construction features in newer cast-iron lofts you would be correct to state in which of the following? 5.2.4
A. Girders, beams and lintels is strong in tension but weak in compression
B. All parts of a floor system are in tension
C. Cellars and sub cellars have protected ceilings
D. All are correct


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