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Full Duty members shall be scheduled for CFR-D training on their (CFRD ch1 2.6)
A)On duty Tours B)Off duty tours

B)Off duty tours


Those members appointed prior to Jan 1st _____ shall join in the CFR-D training cycle on an elective basis (CFRD ch1 3.1)
A)1999 B)2000 C)2001 D)2002



A Firefighter may be permitted to opt out of the CFR-D program only if he or she is assigned to a CFR-D company with ____ or more CFR-D qualified firefighters. (CFRD ch1 3.3)
A)12 B)14 C)16 D)20

B)14 CFR-D qualified firefighters


If a member is granted permission to opt out, the member will be permitted to participate in the CFR-D program in the future (CFRD ch1 3.3.6)
True or False

The member shall not be permitted to participate in the future, and the FDNY will not furnish the member any future CFR-D training


The certification for the certified first Responders Defibrillation Provider expires ____ years from the date of completion (CFRD ch1 3.4.1)

3 Years


In order to be in service as a CFR-D unit, there shall be a minimum of ___ trained members with current CFR-D Certification
A)1 B)2 C)3 D)4

B)2 Members


Companies are instructed to use the signal 10-99 when they expect they will be operating for more than ____ minutes (CFRD Ch2 3.3.3)

30 Minutes


Except for Segment ____calls, upon notification that EMS has arrived at a call location prior to the arrival of the assigned CFR-D Unit, the responding Company will automatically receive the following message via MDT: “EMS on scene, enter 10-91, and go 10-8”. (CFRD Ch2 3.8)
A)One B)Two C)Three

A)Segment One Calls


A PCR is not required when a CFR-D Company is on-scene (10-84) at any CFR-D assignment unless patient care is provided. (CFRD Ch2 3.10.1)
True or False



A Living Will is valid in the pre-hospital setting for pre-hospital emergency care. If presented with a living will, CFR-D members are not to continue to provide care within the scope of training and give the living will to EMS personnel on their arrival. (CFRD Ch2 6.3.2)
True of False

A Living Will is NOT valid in the pre-hospital setting for pre-hospital emergency care.


Whenever Units of the Bureau of Operations and the Emergency Medical Service are operating at an incident, the ranking ____ Officer on the scene is the Incident Commander. (CFRD Ch2 8.2)
A)EMS B)Fire



Biological exposures are divided into two categories: casual exposures and at-risk
exposures. What is casual exposure? (CFRD Ch3 3.1)

A “casual” exposure is contact but without eye, mouth, other mucous membrane, non-intact skin, or parenteral contact (by injection) with blood or other potentially infectious materials.


Upon receiving notification of the exposure incident, the Company Officer shall direct the member to complete the ____ form. (CFRD Ch3 4.2)



The single most effective method of reducing disease transmission is frequent, adequate
______ (CFRD Ch3 16.2)

Hand Washing

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