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Who is responsible for assigning a safety officer at a collapse operation?

A. Dispatcher
B. Planning section Chief
C. Incident Commander
D. First arriving Deputy Chief

C. Incident commander
Collapse Operations Sec 9.1


What does the acronym LCES stand for?

Lookouts, Communications, a Escape Routes, and Safe Havens
Collapse Operations Sec 9.2


The standard emergency signaling system is sounded on handheld aerosol can air horns only! T of F

Apparatus air horns may be used also.
Collapse Operations Sec 9.2.2


1 long blast (3 seconds) on an air horn means?

A. Cease operations/All Quiet
B. Duck and cover
C. Evacuate the are
D. Resume operations

A. cease operations/all quiet

3 short blasts (1 second each) means evacuate the area
1 long and 1 short blast means resume operations
Collapse Operations Sec 9.2.2


The safety officer should frequently rotate personnel every?

A. Two hours
B. Hour
C. 45 minutes
D. Half hour or less if possible

Collapse Operations Sec 9.4


How many collapse pods are located throughout the city?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

B. 10
2 containers in each borough filled with shoring lumber, metal and concrete blades,cutting table with templates for fabricating shoring.
They contain no tools.
Collapse Operations Sec 10.1


What are the five stages of a collapse rescue operation?

1. Reconnaissance
2. Accounting for and removal of the surface victims
3. Search of voids
4. Selected debris removal and tunneling
5. General debris removal
Collapse Operations Sec 11.1


If one bearing wall gives way while the other remains intact. The floor will drop at the end that failed. This is a?

A. Lean-to Voids
B. V-Shaped Voids
C. Individual Voids
D. Pancake collapse

Collapse Operations Sec 11.4.1 and addendum 3


_____ ______ result when a floor fails in the middle, usually a result of overloading or part of the floor us burned away and under a load.

A. Lean-to Voids
B. V-Shaped Voids
C. Individual Voids
D. Pancake collapse

B. V-Shaped Voids

Collapse Operations Sec 11.4.2 and add 3


_______ _____ may be found in any type of collapse. They result from spaces formed by strong objects that prevent a collapse into that particular section.

A. Lean-to Voids
B. V-Shaped Voids
C. Individual Voids
D. Pancake collapse

C. Individual Voids

Collapse Operations Sec 11.4.4 and Add 3


The ____________ method is where members position themselves at various locations around the area where a voice is heat, and take turns calling out and listening for the victim in an attempt to triangulate their position.

A. Feedback assisted rescue
B. Verbal contact method
C. Around-the-clock method
D. LUNAR method

C around the clock method

Collapse Operations Sec 11.4.6


When interviewing witnessed what does the LUNAR method stand for?

Last seen location
Resources needed to reach safety

Collapse Operations Sec 11.4.6


T or F. The rescue operations Battalion should be assigned as the Victim Removal Leader to supervise debris removal?


Collapse Operations Sec 11.6.4


T or F in collapse survival rates it has been documented of survival for as long as 14 days in earthquakes around the world.

Collapse Operations Sec 11.7


What is the survival rate after being respond in a collapse for 4 days?

A. 33.7%
B. 36..7%
C. 19%
D. 7.4%

C. 19%
30 mins - 99.3%
1 day - 81%
2 days - 36.7%
3 days - 33.7%
4 days - 19%
5 days - 7.4%
Collapse Operations Sec 11.7


When a limb, denied a source of fresh, oxygen end blood, continues to function becoming acidic as the blood remains trapped in the limb, and is not returned to the lungs and kidneys to be cleaned and re-oxygenated is a definition if?

A. Happy death
B. Crush Syndrome
C. Traumatic Thabdomylysys
D. B and C

D. B and D
Also been known to be called the smiling death since patients are happy to be freed from a collapse that they smile ear to ear only to die of a heart attack on the way to the hospital.
Collapse Operations Sec 11.8


Heavy demolition equipment (cranes, bulldozers, etc.) is forbidden during the general debris removal stage? T or F

It's forbidden in the Selected Debris Removal stage
Collapse Operations Sec 11.13.2


A _____________ is a type of building wall collapse where the wall falls straight out as a monolithic piece at a 99 degree angle, similar to a falling tree.

A. Inward/outward Collapse
B. Curtain Fall Wall Collapse
C. Lean-To Collapse
D. Ninety-Degree-Angle Wall Collapse

Collapse Operations Add 3


Which department members have been trained in the use of the Con Edison Vacuum Truck?

A. Rescue
B. Squad
C. Haz Mat 1
D. SOC members

D. SOC members gave been trained to operate this equipment if the work area is determined to be hazardous for Con Ed employees. If are is safe the a HT equipped member shall be positioned with the Con Ed employee at all times.

Collapse Operations Add 4

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