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What size hose is initially stretched to a fire in a cast Iron, Mill, or Fireproof loft building?
Lofts 6.1

2 1/2


High ceilings and uncompartmented areas can mask high heat conditions. Be aware of heat and smoke passing overhead and fire breaking out behind the hose line. Which members are responsible for monitoring conditions so that this does not happen?
Lofts 6.1.3

The last member on the hose line and a member positioned at the interior entrance to the fire area


The use of LCS can only be ordered by the Chief officer?
A. Agree D. Disagree
Lofts, 6.1.6

D. Disagree, The use of LCS can only be ordered by the IC. This includes the first arriving engine officer


The second hose line is usually stretched by way of the interior stairs to the same floor as the first hose line for augmentation. If not needed of the original fire floor, it is then advanced to the floor above. When should the engine officer in charge of the second line order the hose line to be advanced to the floor above?
Lofts, 6.1.5

When assured that the first hose line is making progress and is capable of handling the fire floor


In buildings where sprinklers serve the upper floors, section valves may be found on individual floor/areas. These valves must be checked to ensure they are in the full closed position.
A. Agree D. Disagree
Lofts, 6.1.9, D

D. Valves must be in the full open position


You are a Lt. In the engine responding to a fire in a cast iron loft building. Upon arrival it appears that smoke is issuing from the sidewalk vault indicating fire in the cellar. You would be correct in stretching the initial line:
A. Through the sidewalk vault
B. An adjoining cellar entrance
C. Via the interior to the fire area
D. Easiest access point
Lofts, 6.2.1 A

C. Via the interior to the fire area


In the same scenario as before, what is the responsibility of the second engine?
Lofts, 6.2.1 B

The second engine company shall assist the first engine with the initial hose line


Still staying with the previous example of a fire in the cellar of a cast iron loft building, If the first due engine is unable to do so, who is responsible for feeding the sprinkler system if there is one in place?
Lofts, 6.2.1, B

The second engine company.
***there is no mention of the third engine supplying the sprinkler in a cellar fire in a non fireproof loft building
You may want to cross reference this with taxpayer fires. There are some differences


You are the engine officer responding to a fire in a Mill loft building. Upon arrival you have fire showing out of a lower floor of the building. You would be correct in knowing that the engine company ultimately responsible for ensuring that the sprinkler system was augmented is:
A. 1st due engine
B. 2nd due engine
C. 3rd due engine
D. All of the above
Lofts, 6.2.2, C, 2

C. 3rd due engine
***same for upper floor fires.


Search ropes and thermal imaging cameras shall be carried by ladder companies when operation gat loft building fires
A. Agree D. Disagree
Lofts, 7.1.7



You are the officer of a truck company operating first due at a fire in the cellar of a mill loft building. What should you do if conditions prevent access to the cellar or sub cellar by way of the interior stairs?
Lofts, 7.2.1 A, 2

Communicate conditions to the IC and 2nd due ladder company. Remain with the first hose line on the floor above the fire searching for life, fire extension, and providing ventilation


After completion of laddering duties, what is the responsibility of the first arriving LCC at NFP loft cellar fires?
Lofts, 7.2.1 B

LCC should assist in ventilation by opening up the sidewalk access points while remaining in the front of the building, available to position and reposition ladders


Priority access to the roof of a loft building is:
Lofts, 7.2.1, D, 1

1. Adjoining building
2. Aerial/Tower ladder
3. Fire escape


You are the LT in the truck company operating at an upper floor fire in a NFP loft building. Upon entry to the building you notice there are straight run stairs. Who shall you notify in this instance?
Lofts 7.2.3, A, 1



For a top floor fire in a NFP loft, who brings the saw to the roof?
Lofts, 7.2.3, D, 1

2nd due roof


In fireproof loft buildings, horizontal ventilation of the fire apartment is limited and controlled by the _____________. All other ventilation must be strictly limited and controlled by the _______________
Lofts, 7.3.1, 3

Ladder company officer operating inside the apartment

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