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what is an incendiary fire?

A fire that was intentionally set by someone. (1.2.2)


When is a fire considered suspicious?

a fire is suspicious if:
a. there are indications the fire may have been set and all accidental causes have not been eliminated.
b. a threat preceded the fire
c. it is one in a series of fires
d. premises normally locked found unlocked
e. stocks or belongings were removed prior to the fire


what are trailers?

materials arranged to spread fire from its point of origin to other areas of occupancy.(cotton waste, rags, paper, etc.)(1.2.4)


what are plants?

materials arranged to start and feed initial fire.(candles,matches,electrical,mechanical,chemicals and others)(1.2.5)


as a n officer at a fire you begin to record information received from occupants and witnesses. realizing one witness might be holding back info you pull the witness to the side and begin interrogating him. did you follow procedures?

NO. Don't interrogate! let the person talk freely. Get names and addresses if possible. look,listen and get all possible vital information for your report and the fire marshal. No one but a trained and experienced investigator should attempt to interrogate a witness.(3.20 & 3.21)


after fire has been extinguished you come across a body(10-45 code 1). what should you do?

when and where possible, and fire conditions permit, do not move the body. pending arrival of the fire marshal and medical examiner. take note of possible reasons why person could not escape from the room.(4.2.1)


you come across a victim that appears to be life-like(pink to cherry red color lips, eyelids, or skin) what does this indicate?

-victim was alive at the time of the fire. victims may show soot in or around the nose and mouth(indicates breathing continued during fire)(4.4)


lividity is caused by the setting of blood to the lowest horizontal areas of the body; may show as pink or red skin. lividity usually starts___a___ after death and is completed ____b_____ and could indicate that the victim was moved after death and placed at the fire scene.

A- one to two hours

B- three to four hours


you come across a victim who's skull appears to have exploded. From your studying with your study group you should know what about this appearance?

It was caused by the expansion of fluid in the tissues. This should not be confused with external damage from a blow to the head since external damage could cause the skull to be forced inward.(4.6)


A pugilistic position(appears as person was trying to defend himself) indicates what?

it does not indicate violence or a struggle. This is due to the contraction of the muscles that occur during the fire. Severe muscular contraction may result in bones protruding through skin of the limbs(4.6)


what is considered sufficient manpower to fulfill a watch line function and establish fire dept. control of the premise?

one firefighter with a hand extinguisher(5.1.1)


what shall be done to safe guard the firefighter doing watch line and provide additional security?

a request for assistance should be made to the PD Do not leave only the patrolmen in charge(5.1.2)


when can firefighter on watch line return to his unit?

when fire marshal arrives(5.1.3)


1. what is the preferred container to be used to collect evidence?
2. what if a new can is not available to collect evidence, what can be used?

1. a one gallon metal can such as a new paint can.(NEVER use a can that was previously used)(5.3.1)

2. use a clean glass jar with a tightly fitting lid. the rubber seal around lid may react with sample and contaminate the evidence.(5.3.2)


When collecting evidence what kind of containers should you avoid to use?

avoid the use of plastic containers. vapors may escape through plastic and evidence may be contaminated by deterioration of the plastic container (5.5.3)


Can a plastic bag be used in an emergency to collect evidence?

YES. in an emergency. it should be new, of heavy gauge and used in pairs. place evidence into one bag and tie it closed. then place bag into the other and tie it closed. as soon as possible place into a can or jar and submit to the fire marshal(5.3.4)


what shall be requested if a fire marshal is not responding?

photo unit to respond to take pictures.(5.4.1 a)


can evidence be left in the office?

evidence can not be left in the office UNLESS it is locked up OR someone else signs and stays with it(5.4.1c)


burning and charring along the lower length of a wall or under a door could mean what?

an accelerant was used. Normal fire travel is upward and outward(6.5.3)


what do "V" pattern burns usually point to?

toward the point of origin(6.5.4)
Absence of a "V" pattern of burning could mean an accelerant was used.


Heavy smoke stains on glass objects usually indicate a _______A_____. Light smoke stains indicate a ____B______.

A. slow fire build up

B. Rapid fire build up(6.7)


Explain what each crazing of glass(cracking due to heat) means:
1. small crazing
2. large crazing
3. also explain checkering of glass(half moon effects or marks)

1. means intense and rapid heat buildup and will be found closer to the point of origin
2.indicates remoteness from the point of origin and/or slow heat build up
3. usually results from water being applied to heated glass. Indicates the window was still in place when FF's operated at fire.(6.7.3)


Wood structural members may burn at approximately __________.

one inch every 45 minutes

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