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At how many point is the chassis supported while the boom is in operation?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10

C 6 Points
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.1.1


T or F The Tower ladder is designed to operate with outriggers and jacks down on one side only?

Exception: if apparatus is not level, lower the jacks and outrigger on the low side first then the jacks and outrigger on the high side until unit is level as possible.
Note: Raising the high side fully before raising the low side, or raising only one side when on level ground, can cause damage to the suspension system.
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.2.1.4


If a member commences to set up a tower ladder apparatus for an operation and then decides to abort the operation, the member must:

A. Properly place all outriggers and jacks for operation
B. Return all outriggers and jacks to the pre-setup position
C. Leave the apparatus where he decided to abourt the operation and continue with LCC duties.
D. A or B

D. A or B
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.2.1.10


The boom assembly consists of ____ box sections which telescope within each other?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

C. 4
The first section is alloyed steel and the three telescope sections are aluminum alloy.
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.2


The Basket is constructed of alloy aluminum and has a floor area of approximately __ Sq Feet?

A. 10 Sq. Ft
B. 15 Sq. Ft
C. 17 Sq. Ft
D. 20 Sq. Ft

B. 15 Sq. Feet
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.3


Whenever a TL operation is in progress, the pedestal position must be staffed. T or F

This provides an extra pair of eyes to warn of impending danger and override basket controls in an emergency
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.4


T or F When no other solution is possible, member may escape from the basket by means of the fixed telescoping ladder mounted on top of the boom sections or by life saving rope in conjunction with the personal harness?

Which ever is most appropriate for the situation.
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.6


The water system hook-up consits of a 3'' x 3'' gated siamese on the ____side and a 4-1/2 inlet on the ____ side?

3'' x 3'' gated simese on the left side
4-1/2'' inlet on the right side
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.7.3


In some TL models the basket control man faces the opposite direstion in relation to the pedestal man. Who is the reference point for giving boom direction orders?

Pedestal man is the refernce point.
ex. if the basket FF wanted the boom to move to the left he would order BOOM RIGHT to the pedestal FF
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.2.8.2 Note


The following are the BOOM Commands for directions:

EXTEND BOOM reach out with boom
RETRACT BOOM return outstreched boom
RAISE BOOM increase angle of elevation
LOWER BOOM decrease angle of elevation
BOOM LEFT rotate boom to pedestal mans left
BOOM RIGHT rotate boom to pedastal mans right

FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.8.2


Who should perform delicate operations if visibility permits the Pedestal or Basket?

The Pedestal man since pedestal controls allow smother movements, therefore the pedestal man should in most cases, perform delicate operations if visibility permits.
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.8.4


Which is the most effective means for a pedestal to relay orders or other pertinent information to the basket?

A. Handie-Talkie
B. Intercom
C. Hand signals
D. Smoke signals

B. Intercom
Handi Talkis is difficult to hear due to noise in basket especially if stream is in operation.
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.8.6


T or F Detailed members cannot operate on the pedestal?

The can if they are presently assigned to a TL unit or are qualified Chauffeur-Tillermen (QCT, school trained).
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 2.9.2


Where would you position an TL in order to gain coverage on two fronts of a building?

Corner of the building affords coverage of two fronts
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.3.1.5


If member(s) leave the basket for search or roof Ops, the pedestal man shall not move boom unless the Member(s):

A. Are advised of his intentions and they in turn give approval
B. A visible life hazard should occur
C. A or B
D. Pedestal man shall not move boom when members leave it.

C. A or B
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 3.1.11 J


A properly position TL provides wall coverage from grade level or below, up to a maximum basket floor elevation of 70' (approximately), at the maximum __ degree angle?

A. 60
B. 65
C. 70
D. 75

D 75 degree angle
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 3.2.1


What is the TL Ideal horizontal distance from objectives in Feet?

A. 27 feet
B.. 32 feet
C. 35 feet
D. 39 feet

B. 32 Feet
At 32 feet from center line of turntable to building, allowance is made for sidewalks, outriggers and parked vehicles.
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.3.2.8


When position apparatus parallel to the direction of slope so that boom operations will be in the "Up Hill" direction. Which way should the apparatus be facing?

A. Up hill
B. Down hill
C. in a Docking position

B. Down Hill
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 3.4.2


The maximum "slope" for TL operation has been set at __% grade by the manufacturer for safe performance of apparatus?

A. 10%
B. 15%
C. 17%
D. 20%

B. 15% grade
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec. 3.4.6
NOTE: Grades up to 4% are considered to be level for operation of a TL


When taking up during winter Ops the boom shall be raised to a __ degree angle, drains of waterway and gated inlets opened to drain system of water.

A. 50
B. 60
C. 70
D. 80

B. 60 degree angle
On bedding of boom the drain plugs on waterway around base of platform shall be removed to insure entire system propoerly drained.
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.3.5.5


T or F When arriving first at he scene where rescue operations may be required above 75 foot level, the TL officer should allow an aerial ladder (100 foot aerial) to effect the rescue operations, unless it is obvious that the aerial ladder company will be seriously delayed.

FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.3.6.1


What size ladder is used in the operation of a portable ladder from a TL basket?

A. 20 Ft. Portable ladder
B. 16 Ft Straight
C. 24 Ft extension ladder
D. 35 Ft extension Ladder

A. 20 Ft. Portable Ladder (preferably a combanation ladder)
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.3.6.4

Sec 3.6.4 Note 7: A combination ladder is a 20 foot portable metal ladder fitted with non-skid feet for use in TL Basket.


The tower ladder basket rail may be used for anchoring purposes while using a ladder in a TL Basket. T or F

TL Basket rail shall not be used for anchoring purposes
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.3.6.4 Note 8


When performing ladder from basket operations during drills or training sessions, the TL basket shall be raise to a position of _ to _ feet above the ground?

A. 1 to 2 feet
B. 2 to 3 feet
C. 3 to 4 feet
D. 4 to 5 feet

B. 2 to 3 feet above the ground on drills
FFP LCO Tower Ladders Sec.3.6.4 Note 10

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