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Every HT has an assigned ___ digit numeric ID code. This code will appear on the LCD screen of model lll's for all transmissions. Activation of the EAB will cause the ID # to be preceded by the letters EM.
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

C. 7


When shall the HT be turned on?

prior to donning bunker coat


Will the EM & the members ID code appear again on the LCD screen if the emergency alert tone is sent &/or the member depresses his PTT button?

2.2 note


When the EAB is activated the wattage jumps from 2 - 5 watts. It also sets off distinctive tones. match the correct tone to radio:
A. beacon/transmitting radio
B. emergency alert tones/recieving radio
C. beacon/recieving radio
D. emergency alert tones/ transmitting radio

A & B


Uncle Bill loves to use his HT. As he starts talking before using his PTT he transmits info to the IC, however as he's talking a short audible tone is heard. What is this.

a warning tone to alert you that the transmitter will shut off.
it shuts off at 30 sec. at which point you'll hear a continous tone.


Your working in TL-159 & are assigned the OV for the 6x. TL-159 responds as fast truck to canarsie,as the EFAS FF you would know that the radio ID 8001004 belongs to?

Squad 1 back-up ff.
4.4 + add.2 2.2 squad co.s


FF clapp never shuts off his HT when returning from runs b/c it requires too much work. As a sharp friendly study group member you would tell ff clapp that he has approx. what % of battery capacity?
A. 5-15%
B. 5-25%
C. 10-15%
D. 15-20%

add.1 sec. 1


Batteries are issued w/ a color coded sticker w/ a date its due back to the radio shops for reconditioning. In addition to checking this sticker each time its placed on the HT, When shall FF nowicki check them?
A. quarterly
B. monthly
C. weekly
D. each tour

B. on the 1st day of each month the co. officer working the 9x shall have a member inspect all HT batteries assigned to their unit.
Add.1 4.1


Its another possible shut-out in 309 when a member approaches Lt. Becker and says my radio took a shit. Lt. Becker says to the member grab the door radio for the rest of the tour we aint going anywhere. Agree/ Disagree?

Add.6 2.2


In the previous question Lt. Becker would be correct if he did the following w/ the defective HT?
A. immediately notify the division radio depot
B. notify admin. batt.
C. record defect in office & co. journal
D. record in office record journal only

A & C.
add.2 1.2


What does Lt. Becker do when the spare shows up?
A. notify admin. batt.
B. record ID # engraved on HT in co. & office record journal
C. update bf-4 w/ spare HT engraved ID #.
D. notify division

add.2 1.2


Use of the extra HT (door position) assigned to 4 ff engines as a spare is prohibited except for what reasons?

1. awaiting delivery of spare from division depot
2. supply at the depot is depleted


E-323 is on one of E-309's EMS runs while the 30whines are ten toes. E-323 is 10-84 prior to EMS arrival. What is proper procedure to follow in regards to the use of the HT at an EMS run?
A. Bu FF switches to ch. 13 & initiates contact w/ EMS.
B. Boss switches to ch. 10 & EMS initiates contact
C. Bu FF switches to ch. 10 & EMS initaites contact
D. Boss switches to ch. 13 & initiates contact

add.5 3.6


When does the Bu FF switch his radio back to ch. 1 at a CFR run?

After leaving the assignment the Bu FF switches back.
add.5 3.5


Choose the correct channels:
B. 11= Bldg. repeater
C. 15= subway 2
D. 7= HT 7

ALL are correct.
page 11-12

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