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The IC may implement an interior attack after a risk assessment has been performed based on the following factors:

- Current structural stability of the building

- Any known life hazard

- Size and location of fire

- Verification of safe access to fire area

FFP Vacants sec. 1.1.3


How should a vacant building be marked?

A square approximately 18" x 18" in lime yellow reflective type paint with an X in the middle. Lines should be 2" wide and placed alongside the front entrance.

FFP Vacants sec. 1.3.1 - 1.3.3


Who may have to determine the exterior or interior method of attack?

B) first arriving officer
C) first due ECO
D) first due LCO

B. first arriving officer

FFP Vacants sec. 1.4


Vacant building have been "_______________" deliberately to injure or kill the unwary in many ways.

Booby trapped

FFP Vacants sec. 1.5.2


Sometimes separate fires are set in vacant buildings. One on the lower floor using ________ as an accelerant, another on the top floor primed with _________.

A) diesel, diesel
B) gasoline, diesel
C) gasoline, gasoline
D) diesel, gasoline

D. Fire on top floor will be noticeable and initial line will probably be stretched there. While operating on top floor, fire on the lower floor will flare up suddenly, endangering firefighters above.


True or False.

The removal of piping, toilet bowls, and sinks is not a problem in Vacant Buildings.


The removal of all piping, toilet bowls, and sinks by vandals, creates an open shaft contributing to rapid fire spread from celler to top floor.

FFP Vacants sec. 2.1.1


What will be the most important aspect in determining the initial attack strategy, interior or exterior in a vacant?

The structural stability of the building or parts of the building.

FFP Vacants sec. 2.2.1


When a vacant building is heavily involved on arrival, place hose streams between the involved building and the most severe _____________.


FFP Vacants sec. 2.2.3


Units operating above any fire must be continuously aware of conditions below them. Who must inform those units of any developing conditions affecting their positions?

A) Units on floors below
C) LCO on floors below
D) ECO on floors below

A. Units on floors below

FFP Vacants sec. 2.2.3 D2


Does the ECO have to announce via handi-talkie when the initial hose line attack is to commence?

Yes. Conditions opposite hose line and above will worsen as the heat, fire, and steam are pushed in the direction by the force of the stream.

FFP Vacants sec. 3


What are some advantages of in-line pumping at a vacant building?

- fast water on the fire
- pumper in position for exterior stream operations
- equipment on pumper close to fire
- shorter and faster hand line stretches
- lower engine pressure
- ECC in better position to observe operations and assist if necessary

FFP Vacants sec. 3.1.1


What should be considered when stretching a line into an exposure for operations into the vacant fire building?

A 2 1/2" line with solid stream nozzle due to the additional gpm and it's reach.

FFP Vacants sec. 3.1.8


True or False.

Ladder company operations are generally devoted to facilitating the engine company efforts in getting water on the fire in a vacant fire building.


FFP Vacants sec. 4.2


How many members should be assigned to search floors below the operation for presence of undetected conditions or other fires?

2 members

FFP Vacants sec 6.5


In a partial vacant building, if the fire apartment doesn't have a door and fire is lapping out of the apartment into the public hall endangering the removal of remaining occupants, what should be done?

Remove a door from another apartment and position it over the fire apartment entrance.

FFP Vacants sec. 6.8


If there was a previous fire in the vacant fire building on the upper floors, what should you assume?

Assume there are holes in the roof. If stability of the roof is in question, communicate with officer and do not go out on it.

FFP Vacants sec. 6.13


If roof has been cut, what should you do before leaving the scene?

Spray paint "R.O." ( roof open ) on inside and outside of bulkhead and above the hazard marking on the front of the vacant building.

FFP Vacants 6.15


During exterior operations, a TL can put water into the building at the rate of ____________?

Six tons a minute

FFP Vacants 6.20

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