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You are a lieutenant operating at a fire in a Class A multiple dwelling. Upon arrival at the elevator, you find that the elevator doors won't open with the key in the FS position. Once the member operating the elevator puts the key in the NORMAL position the doors opened. You would be correct in which of the following actions?
A. Use the elevator and proceed to the floor below the fire
B. Use the elevator and proceed to the floor 2 floors below the fire
C. Avoid using the elevator and find another means to the fire floor
D. Avoid using the elevator and ensure power is shut off

C. When attempting to use fireman service and the elevators do not react properly, suspect a possible malfunction to occur if the elevator is used in the normal mode and avoid such use
SB 78, 1.4


You are operating at an automobile accident in which rescue operations are necessary. You notice however that the airbags have not deployed and the victim is pinned directly behind the underplayed airbag. In this instance you would be incorrect in:
A. Turn the ignition key in the off position
B. Disconnect or cut both battery cables safely
C. Attempt to mechanically displace steering column prior to deactivating system
D. Keep members from cutting into the airbag module

C. As a general rule do not cut or mechanically displace the steering column until after the system has fully deactivated
SB 79, 4.2


A smart lieutenant knows that with the electrically activated airbag design can be safely deactivated by disconnecting the vehicles battery early in the operation and allow the time necessary for the stored energy to discharge. What is the deactivation time range after cutting the power supply and what is it dependent on?

1 second to 30 minutes and it depends on the vehicle manufacturer
SB 79, 5.2


Gypsum planks are normally ________ in. thick, ________ft. wide, and are factory laminated of two gypsum panels. Each plank weighs approximately ________ lbs.

2 in. Thick
2 ft. Wide
135 lbs
SB 85, 2.1


Whom shall the member immediately notify that they are working on a truss roof and the presence of any heavy equipment?

Immediately notify their officer and the IC
SB 85, 3.1.2


FF Becker is the roofman operating on the roof of a 1 story taxpayer. Once he begins cutting operations, he notices a white powdery residue. What should be FF Beckers next course of action?

Immediate notification to the IC and proceed to evacuate the roof
SB 85, 3.2.4


All of these are true statements about the Toyota Rav 4 Electric car except:
A. The high voltage wiring ( wrapped in a green colored harness) should not be cut or touched if the conductor is exposed
B. Vehicle or battery packs fires can be extinguished using coins amounts of water or class D powder extinguishing agent
C. Extrication tools should not be used on the traction batteries, on energized components, or on components that might cause the traction batteries to be crushed or punctured
D. Securing the vehicle assures that it will not operate inadvertantly

A. High voltage wiring is wrapped in an orange colored harness
SB 86, 4


Where would one find the "service plug" in order to disconnect the traction batteries from all vehicle systems and circuits in the Toyota Rav 4 Electric Car?

Under the carpet at the drivers side rear passenger footwell
SB 86, 6


When are the High Visibility Safety Vests not required to be worn while operating on a highway?

1. Members operating with donned bunker gear and SCBA working in close proximity to a source of heat during fire suppression
2. Members operating with donned HAZMAT PPE
3. Members operating with donned technical rescue PPE and/or equipment for a technical rescue incident
SB 88, 2.1.1


When does the inspection of the High Visibility Safety Vest take place?

Vests shall be inspected after each use and during semi-annual inspection

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