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The hurst tool is carried by? (TB Tools 10, 1.1)

All ladder, Rescue and squad companies


When storing the honda mini mate power unit on the apparatus, the fuel valve lever must be in the ____ position TB Tools 20 3.3

Off Position


The maxi-force air bags rated tonnage is based on its capacity to lift that tonnage ___ inch TB Tools 20,2.1.1
A)1/2 B)1 C)2 D)5

B) 1 Inch


The air supply hoses come in lengths of ____ feet. TB Tools 20,2.4
A)12 B)14 C)16 D)20

C) Lengths of 16 feet


The low pressure gauge should be set to (TB Tools 20 3.1.4

135 PSI


The air cylinder be changed when it falls below ____ PSI (TB tools 20 3.1.4)
A)175 B)200 C)250

B)200 PSI


Air pressure in excess of the ___ PSI limit will be expelled from the opening at the base of the control valve safety relief (TB Tools 20 4.2)

118 PSI


Avoid inflating bags against sharp objects or on a surface heated to over ____F (TB Tools 20 6.8)
A)200 B)220 C)250 D)300



When stacking bags, generally inflate the top bag first (TB Tools 20 6.9.4)
True or False

False, inflate bottom bag first


The average life span of the Maxiforce air bags is ____ years. (TB Tools 20 8.4)
A)5 B)10 C)15 D)20

B) 10 years


When activated, glow sticks will provide up to ___ hours of illumination (TB tools 30 1)

12 Hours of illumination


Each unit shall carry at least ____ glow sticks on their apparatus (TB Tools 30 3.1)

10 Glow Sticks


When stacking the air bags the maximum weight that can be lifted is (TB Tools 20 6.9.5)
A)Tonnage of the smaller bag B)Tonnage of the larger bag C)tonnage of both bags combined

A)Tonnage of the smaller bag

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