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When a hose line is in operation and OST is removed who is responsible for that tip?

The Lt.


The OST should always remain connected to the nozzle

True or false

until conditions require removal


Controlling nozzles are tested when?

Annually in August and whenever deemed necessary in accordance with schedules established by division commanders

T.B. Tools 7 3.15


How many lengths of hose are used during testing of controlling nozzles?



What PSI range will provide an adequate stream on a hose line equipped with the FN 1 Booster Fog Nozzle
A. 150 to 175
B. 175 to 200
C. 200 to 225

Engine pressures from 175 to 200 PSI will give an adequate stream for most fire situations

T.B. 7 D02 3


The constant pressure feature on the FT 1 Automatic Fog Tip does not operate when the nozzle pressure is below ____PSI or in an excess of ____ PSI

70 PSI and 93 PSI

T.B. 7 D09 2.2


The FT 1 Automatic tip needs to flow a approximate Gallons Per Minute of ___ to be considered an acceptable fire fighting stream.
A. 140 GPM
B. 160 GPM
C. 180 GPM
D. 200 GPM

C 180 GPM

T.B. 7 D09 3.3


Insufficient water delivery to the nozzle while using the FT 1 tip may be caused by two reasons what are they ?

1. Insufficient engine pressure
2. A kink in the hose lay out

T.B. 7 D09 3.3


An effective fire fighting stream, using the FT1 tip, is one delivering 180 GPM and requiring how many firefighters to operate the hose line?

At least 2

T.B. 7 D09 5.1


The max pump pressure that engine 309 can operate at is?

250 PSI

T.B. 7 D09C 5


The automatic fog tip FT 2 has a constant pressure feature that operates between what two PSI ranges?
A. 65 to 105 PSI
B. 75 to 115 PSI
C. 85 to 125 PSI
D. Who cares as long as something is coming out


Ha no it's A the correct answer is A 65 to 105 PSI

T.B. 7 D12 2.2


The Akron turbo master shoots out water at an amazing 100 PSI at 500, 750, 1000, and 1250 GPM.

Agree or Disagree


T.B. 7 D15


Every Battalion has at least one engine and one truck with a high rise nozzle.

Agree or Disagree

Disagree, every Batt. has at least one engine equipped with the high rise nozzle. Not a truck

T.B. 7 D17 2.3


Who is responsible for bringing the High Rise Nozzle to the command post on 10-77?

The 4th due engine company is responsible to bring it. If they are not equipped with it the officer shall contact the dispatcher for the company who does have it.

T.B. 7 D17 2.3


The high rise nozzle may be used as an alternate attack strategy at high rise multiple dwelling fires in what situations?
A. IC has determined that a direct interior attack is not possible
B. The fire apartment is inaccessible to outside streams
C. Any situation where the IC determines the high rise nozzle will be beneficial
D. L-159's bucket is stuck and they are useless now they cant reach the fire
E. All of the above

E all of the above

T.B. 7 D17 3.2


The High rise nozzle flows how many GPM and at what pressure?

200 to 225 GPM at 50 PSI


The high rise nozzle is placed into operation when?

Upon the direction of the IC

T.B. 7 D17 5.1


The supply line to the high rise nozzle can be assembled when the nozzle is outside the window?

True or false

The supply line is attached before the high rise nozzle is slid out the window

T.B. 7 D17 5.10


In order to reposition the high rise nozzle a shut off must be placed one length behind the nozzle.

Agree or disagree


T.B. 7 D17 5.14


The couplings of hose, fittings and appliances are connected solid to swivel whenever possible.

True or False


The couplings of hose, fittings and appliances are connected "solid to solid" whenever possible.

T.B. 11 3.3

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