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What is the most important rule when parking fire apparatus during AFID?

The most important rule is that the apparatus should never be double parked.

SB 3


During AFID, on days when visibility or light condition is poor, the officer on duty should direct the chauffeur to use all the lights necessary, including emergency lights to alert other drivers of their presence.

T or F

Officer should direct chauffeur to use all lights necessary, except emergency lights. The use of emergency lights can cause confusion and distraction to other drivers.

SB 3


While members are inside the building being inspected during AFID, the chauffeur may back up the apparatus if necessary only when safety permits.

T or F


The chauffeur shall not back up the apparatus unless assisted by the members of the company.

SB 3


What are the three injury classifications which may only be determined by the Medical Officer in consultation with the company officer and injured member?

- service connected medical leave

- remainder of the tour

- minor injury

SB 7 sec. 2.1


A minor injury does not require the member to be granted the remainder of the tour or be granted medical leave. Which of the following shall be classified as a minor injury?

A) chest pain
B) shortness of breath
C) sprains or strains, with swelling or discoloration
D) first degree burns


SB 7 sec. 2.1.3


If a member is exposed to a biological exposure including bloodborne, airborne, or other infectious pathogens (e.g., bodily fluids), medical officer notification is required with or without symptoms.

T or F


SB 7 sec. 2.2.1


__________ ______ shall review all injury/exposure reports submitted for firefighters, lieutenants, and captains.

A) battalion chiefs
B) deputy chiefs
C) borough commander
D) chief of department


SB 7 sec. 3.3


All available injury/exposure information must be initiated and submitted no later than ___ days from the date of the injury/exposure with or without the members signature and/or narrative.

A) 5
B) 7
C) 10
D) 14


SB 7 sec. 4.1


How many company members have to suffer injuries at the same incident resulting in medical leave that tour, for the Chief of Operations to require the supervisor of that unit to submit a multiple member injury report?

A) 2 or more
B) 3 or more
C) all members on backstep

B. 3 or more

SB 7 add. 2 sec 1.3


The use of wood forms for support of concrete is presently being used in many high-rise buildings throughout the city. The construction progresses by pouring one concrete floor :

A) every day
B) every other day
C) weekly
D) every twelve hours

B. every other day

SB 66


In regards to the use of wood forms for support of concrete, every floor stripped of it's supporting plywood forms and in its curing stage is required to be reshored. Reshoring of a 4"x4" stud will usually be found at least how many floors below the most recently poured floor?

At least 8 floors below.

SB 66


All members shall don their PPC prior to boarding the apparatus when responding from quarters or while on outdoor activities (BISP, hydrants, etc.). The one exception is when a response requiring the use of PPC comes in while the apparatus is already in motion, members may then don their PPC inside the moving apparatus in a safe manner.

T or F

F. If a response occurs while apparatus is in motion, apparatus shall be stopped immediately at the nearest safe location to allow all members to don their PPC prior to resuming response.

SB 67 sec. 2.2 & 2.3


Every seat belt on Department vehicles should be inspected ___________ to ensure the seat belt is in proper working order.

A) daily
B) weekly at mud
C) each tour
D) every time members are on apparatus

C. Each tour

SB 67 sec. 3.1.2


In a vacant building, going to the "floor above" before a hose line is in position to operate on the fire floor is rarely justifiable.

T or F


SB 69


On the floor above the fire, especially true in smaller buildings, an area of refuge, should be "_________", if possible, before commencing operations in apartment directly over the fire.

A) secured
B) available
C) known

A. Secured

SB 69


The unit transmitting the 10-75 for a fire in a building with window bars should provide a brief description of the building and the presence of window bars.

True or False


SB 84 sec. 4.1


Who shall be special called to a 10-75 involving a building with window bars?

A) rescue company
B) ladder company
C) engine and ladder
D) squad and rescue

C. An additional Engine and Ladder. The ladder shall be a TL if one is not part of the first alarm assignment. If there are indications of people trapped, ensure the response of a Rescue Company.

SB 84 sec 4.2

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