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T/F If you were to transmit a message over the department radio regarding a minor injury to a member you would be correct in requesting a "mixer off" message and giving the name and unit of the injured member

However, initial notification of a fatality or serious injury to an on duty member shall be made to the dispatcher via "mixer off" message but NOT including the name or unit number of that member
Comm. 8.2.5, 8.2.6


If a transmission is not initially answered by dispatch from the apparatus, how long shall you wait before attempting a second transmission? How many times shall you attempt the message before transmitting from another mobile unit?

30 seconds, 3X
If unable to get through, attempt to transmit from citywide frequency. If this fails then you must contact borough or citywide by telephone
Comm. 8.4.3


Handie Talkies and/or cell phones shall not be used within how many feet of vehicles transporting explosives, explosive magazines, or areas where blasting operations are in progress?
Apparatus, Post, and marine radios?

Handie Talkies and cell phones - 150 ft
Apparatus, Post, and Marine radios - 300 ft
Comm. 8.4.5


The Bureau of EMS color tags their patients for treatment as follows:
1. Deceased
2. life threatening injury
3. non life threatening injury
4. non serious injury/ambulatory

1. Black
2. red/orange
3. yellow
4. green
Comm. p. 8-13, 10-45


You are the officer of E309 responding 1st due to a structural fire. The rest of the ticket reads as follows: E309, E321, E254, L159, L153. After back stretching your lines, your ECC informs you that you have a bad hydrant. Who can you expect to be your designated water resource unit?
A. E321
B. E254
C. the second arriving unit
D. special called extra engine

B. the second arriving engine will be designated the water resource unit
Comm. p. 8-18, 10-70


What information shall the officer give to dispatch when transmitting a 10-75?

If it for a fire or emergency
location of fire - what floor
height of building - how many stories
type of building - what kind of occupancy
Comm. p. 8-18, 10-75


FF Santoli is attempting to but cannot seem to get in touch with his officer via handie talkie while operating at a box. Who shall he contact and in what priority order so that he may get his message through?

1. His company chauffeur
2. the IC
3. any other HT equipped member advising that he is unable to make contact with his officer


What are the five situations in which a MAYDAY can be given?

1. collapse imminent
2. collapse occurred
3. Unconscious/life threatening injury
4. Missing Member
5. Lost or Trapped
Comm. ch 9.4.1


You are the officer at a structural fire and you realize that one of your members is missing. What information shall you give to the IC when giving your MAYDAY?

1. Last known location
2. Unit member is working in that tour
3. Name of affected member
4. Assignment
Comm. 9.4.1, D, 3


If you were to locate a missing member, After giving your MAYDAY transmission that the missing member has been located, what information shall you give the IC?

1. Location
2. Identity of member
3. Any imminent conditions that might affect the missing member
4. Resources needed to reach safety
Comm. 9.4.1, 5, B


What conditions would warrant an URGENT transmission?

1. non life threatening injury
2. transmission of 10-70
3. interior attack discontinued
4. danger of collapse
5. fire entering exposure
6. loss of water
7. anytime a change in conditions will severely impact an operation or the safety of members
Comm. 9.4.2


T/F Company officers can request a recording of handie talkie transmissions on the primary and secondary tactical channels as well as the emergency channel

False, Only the Primary and secondary tactical channels
Comm. ch 9 add. 1, 8.2


During an emergency roll call, what information shall the officer of a company give to the RCO?

the number of firefighters they responded with and can account for only the members within sight and hearing without using the HT


How shall an updated printout of all companies on scene at an incident be obtained?

The printout can be accessed from any apparatuus MDT and must be performed in the following manner
1. press incident summary button
2. press send
3. press next
4. press print
Comm. ch 9 add. 2, 4.1


When can radio discipline during a MAYDAY transmission be broken?

1. called by the RCO
2. you have to transmit a MAYDAY/URGENT of your own
3. you have critical info affecting MAYDAY/URGENT
4. you have critical info regarding the on-going operation
Comm. ch 9 add. 2, 5.1


Officers at an incident, after they have transmitted their 10-84 via the MDT, shall do what to "check in" enabling all members of his unit recognized by EFAS?

Officers must key their microphone once in order to check in
Comm. ch. 9 add.3, 3.1.5


Once a member activates their EAB, what happens on the EFAS screen?

Their identity line will automatically be highlighted. Their company, position and name will be listed in RED in BOTH the RADIO STATUS and MAYDAYS area
Comm. ch 9, add. 3, 4.1


Once the member who hit his EAB resets his HT and the MAYDAY is resolved, What happens on the EFAS screen?

the members highlighted identity line will change from red back to WHITE in the RADIO STATUS area and the members highlighted identity line will change from red to YELLOW and will remain in the MAYDAYS area
Comm. ch 9, add. 3, 4.1.3

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