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When transporting a 24' ladder two men are positioned at each end of the ladder with the fly in and grasp the upper beam.

True or false

False, the fly faces out

Evol. 16 1.1


When transporting a ladder who gives the command to lift?

The rear man

Evol. 16 1.2


When a ladder is being placed at its objective how is the ladder placed?

Ladder is positioned on beam parallel to building, fly facing away from building, butt directly below objective.

Evol. 16 2.1


When carrying a vertical ladder who gives the command "ready, lift"?

The man facing the direction of travel

Evol. 16 5.3


When raising the 35ft ladder the raising member should take position where?

On the street side of the ladder about 1/3 the distance from the tip, facing the tip. Taller man near tip.

Evol. 16 8.2


When extending the 35ft ladder as a 3 man team raising men place their left hand ______ and their right hand ______.

About head high, waist high

Evol. 16 9.1


When hoisting the portable ladder to the roof the officer is going to the roof with how many members and what 4 tools?

4 members, tools= utility rope, ladder roller, life belt, forcible entry tools.

Evol. 18 3.1


When hoisting a portable ladder the man on the ground inserts the rope where on the ladder?

Between the two marked rungs

Evol. 18 3.5


What knot is used to hoist a portable ladder and how many feet is it tied from the end of the rope?

Bowline, 9 feet from end

Evol. 18 notes #3


When using a metal aerial as a water tower what is the maximum psi at the nozzle?

90 psi

Evol. 21 3.6


What angle from the ground does the metal aerial being used as a water tower need to be at?

70 degrees

Evol. 21 3.5


When operating a metal aerial as a water tower the maximum extension of fly ladder (tip to ground) with 1 1/2 inch tip, under extreme conditions, is 80ft.

Agree or disagree


Evol. Notes H


When using the rear mount aerial ladder as a water tower the portable ladder pipe is clamped where?

To the center of the top two rungs of the top sliding section of the aerial ladder

Evol. 21A notes D

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