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Choose the correct tactic concerning the 2nd due engine at a fire in the cellar of a taxpayer?
A. Ensure the sprinkler system is supplied
B. Stretch a back up line with the 3rd due engine
C. If conditions permit and the first due engine does not need assistance, a line shall be stretched to the sprinkler system.
D. Operate a line in the most exposed building



Arriving at a cockloft fire in a 1 story taxpayer the 1st due roof firefighter of a T.L. should perform the following?
A. Excess to the roof should be via bucket with hook, LSR, and saw
B. Monitor and size up roof conditions and report them to the Ladder co. officer
C. Roof will be excess by placing a portable ladder to the roof and taking the roof saw
D. Provide roof ventilation of scuttles and skylight but roof cut should be done first



Agree or disagree
Supplying a sprinkler system is a priority before the initial line is operating at taxpayer fires.



If there is difficulty gaining entrance to a fire on the 1st floor of a taxpayer. Of the following considerations choose the most correct?
A. Cut a hole in the roof and operate a cellar pipe or distributor
B. Make a small hole in the security gate and remove the window for hose line operation
C. Stretch a line to the side entrance
D. Both A and B
E. None of these



When disgusting cockloft fires in taxpayers you would be correct in the following statements:
1. Fire may have started from defective wiring
2. Roof vent must be attempted with a coffin cut over the fire area
3.Extension to the cockloft can be from a defective chimney or vertical arteries
4. Cutting a large vent hole may not prevent the possibility of a backdraft
A. 1+3 B. 2+4 C. None D. 1 only



Fire that originated on the 2nd floor at a 2 story taxpayer can be treated as a fire on the 1st floor of a 1 story taxpayer. Added emphasis must be giving to:
A. Fire extension in duck work may not be a problem
B.The need for a aerial ladder to the roof
C. Vent cuts provide limited ventilation of floors
D. If fire originated in the cellar, flooding the first floor is first to be considered.



Other than the 1st and 2nd due ladder companies. All other ladder co's should report in:
A. With there normal tool assignment
B. 10+12 foot hooks
C. There normal tool assignment with 10 and 12 foot hooks
D. 12 and 15 foot hooks



At a store fire of a 1 story taxpayer you should know if the 1st ladder to arrive is a rear mount ladder the LCC would be correct in which of the following?
A. Assist roof FF with a portable ladder
B. Team up with 2nd due LCC
C. If fire extends to the cockloft proceed to roof
D. Assist with opening up the rear with 1st due OVM



You are assigned the 2nd engine at a store fire with a sprinkler system you would be correct in which of the following:
A. If the 1st due engine doe not need assistance with the initial line stretch a 2nd line as back up
B. Stretch a line to the most seriously exposed building
C. If the first due engine does not need assistance a line should be stretch to feed the sprinklers
D. None of the above



Rear access is very limited in most taxpayers, obstructions and sealed up windows and doors may be encountered. Which two tools are required by the OVM to carry:
A. Maul and halligan
B. Saw and hook
C. Fred does not need ladders or tools
D. Halligan and hook


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