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A temporary method of securing an object, fastened so that it can be readily undone is the definition of:

A. Hitch
B. Bend
C. Knot
D. Bight

A. Hitch
TB Rope 5 Pg. 1


The _________ is the part of the rope which is used in tying the knot.

A. Standing End B. Working End
C. Bight D. Bight end

B. Working End
TB Rope 5 Pg.1


The ______________ is used to secure a hose line which has been hoisted via the outside of a building?

A. Becket Bend B. Bowline on a Bight
C. Clove Hitch & Binder D. Rolling Hitch

D. Rolling Hitch
It is tied directly beneath the coupling just below the edge of the roof or window.
TB Rope 5 Pg. 6


T o F Hoist a Hook: Tie a clove hitch and binder on Handle (approx. 6" from end of handle) Bring the working end of rope up and tie a half hitch under hook?

TB Rope 5 Pg. 8
The hook is hoisted and lowered with the hook end up.


The Search rope is made of either ____ inch diameter white nylon or a ____mm diameter Kernmantle design and is 200 feet long with a snap hook at each end.

A. 5/16", 7mm B. 5/16", 7.5mm
C. 7/16", 7mm D. 7/16", 7.5mm

B. 5/16 inch Diameter, 7.5mm Diameter Kernmantle
TB Rope 6 Sec. 2.1
Newly issued search ropes will be of the Kernmantle type design and have a double action snap hook at the working end and a snap hook that secures the rope to the bag.


T or F: Spacing between the distance knots is approx six inches. A single direction knot is located 18" before the distance knots when traveling in the direction of deployment.

TB Rope 6 Sec. 3.4
By tying these knots in the rope, the actual length of the rope will be shorter than 200 feet Sec 2.4
The 25 foot distance knot will not have a direction knot.


The officer controlling the search pays out the rope while keeing it taut, maintaining a handhold on the rope at all times. The rope should be tied off at intervals to help keep it taut and off the floor. The rope shall be maintained approximately __ to __ feet above the ground?

A. 1 to 2 Feet B. 2 to 3 Feet
C. 1 to 3 Feet D. 2 to 4 Feet

A. 1 to 2 Feet above ground.
TB Rope 6 Sec. 5.5 and 5.6


T or F: The search rope must be tied off to a object when leaving a search (victim removal, low air,etc.)?

If there is nothing to tie off to, take a few wraps around the bag with the rope and leave in place
TB Rope 6 Sec. 5.9 and 5.10


Under most conditions the number of members assigned to the search rope team should be limited to ___?
A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

C. Three
The Officer and twofirefighters will operate as the first search team. The reamaining members shall remain at the tie off point.
TB Rope 6 Sec. 7.1 and 7.2


T or F: If it becomes necessary to relieve a unit at a forward point of the search, the relieving company should enter the area to be searched with their Right Hand in contact with the rope (if Possible). The Company being relieved should exit the IDLH with their Left Hand in contact with the rope (If Possible

If Possible both companys should use their right hand in contact with the rope when entering and exiting the search.
TB Rope 6 Sec. 8.2


When is the Search rope inspected and repacked?

Inspect the rope after each use and repack monthly.
TB Rope 6 Sec. 12


T or F: The Utility rope is a condemned LSR cut into a 50 foot length. Its Nylon and 9/16" in diameter?

Ladders/Squads carry a min of 3 Lengths
Engines carry a min of 2 lengths
Utility ropes shall never be used for life saving purposes.
TB Rope 7


T or F: The Utility Cord is a nylon 1/4" rope and is 25 feet in length. It is used for training purposes, Knots. It can be used to lash ladders/eductor hose, hoist light tools and for ventilation from upper floors or roof levels?

TB Rope 8

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