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_______ is the most volatile and hazardous fuel we use (TB,FP3, 1.1)
A) Gasoline B) Diesel

A) Gasoline


In some quarters you may find three fill terminals, gasoline, diesel oil, and fuel oil. Which fill terminal is always a right hand thread (TB,FP3,2.1.3)
A)Gasoline B)Diesel Oil C)Fuel Oil

A) Gasoline


All permanent storage systems have ____ openings.(TB,FP3,3.1)
A)2 B)3 C)4

C) 4


When are the inherent hazards of flammable liquids the greatest. (TB,FP3,4.1)

When transferring such liquids from one container to another


Purple K is a potassium bicarbonate base dry chemical that has demonstrated a superior extinguishing capability in combating ______ fires. (TB,PK,1)

(also effective on gasoline, diesel and compressed gas fires)


Purple K hand held extinguishers can cover approx. _____ square feet
A)15 B)30 C)45 D)60

B)30 Square Feet


When using Purple K always approach the fire from
A)Upwind B)Downwind



When using Purple K on a gas pressure fire, the initial stream should be directed at?

The fuel source, and then move up the stream of escaping gas.


Hose, whether on wheeled units or on reels found on dry chemical trucks should be stretched _______ Charging.
A)before B)after

A)Before, to eliminate the binding of the hose to the reel when charged which sometimes happens when the hose expands.


_______ fires should not be extinguished unless immediate fuel shutoff is possible. (TB,PK,4.9)

LPG. Vapors are heavier than air and can flow downwind considerable distances, possible finding ignition source.

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