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Natural gas is comprised of mainly methane but also contains ethane, propane & nitrogen. What is natural gas' explosive range,& ignition temperature?

Explosive range of 5%-15%
Ignition temp. of 1163 degrees fahrenheit


Are plastic & copper gas lines allowed inside structures?

T.B. 2 SEC. 5


What is the priority order of shutting the gas valve off?

1) Appliance
2) Meter (meter valve or master meter)
3) Head of service valve ( Building service valve)
4) Exterior gas riser valve
5) Curb valve
6) Street valve
T.B.2 SEC. 7


When working with a curb valve before shutting it look into the valve box. If the valve is white what should you do?

close it gently. A white valve means that it is a plastic valve. these valves break easy w/ excessive force.
T.B. 2 SEC.7 # 6


Some older curb valves are gated & will require multiple turns to close. If the normal 1/4 turn doesn't work what shall be done?

Turn valve until resistance is met. this may occur between 7 1/2 - 15 full turns. DO NOT TURN MORE THAN 15 TIMES.
T.B.2 SEC.7 #6


Which of the following are not intrinsically safe?

non-FDNY flashlights
T.B. 2 SEC. 9 & SEC.11


When dealing with a major indoor gas leak, indicated by a heavy odor or high readings on digital meter how many exposures should you check on either side of the occupancy w/ a positive gas reading?

Check at least 3 exposures on both sides of the occupancies w/ positive gas readings for a presence of a odor of gas or leak including above & below the suspected leak. Evacuate & vent as needed.


If gas readings are obtained in electric, sewer, or any other manhole(s) what must be done?

Check the surrounding structures.


The ALTAIR meter sounds an alarm at 10% LEL & a different alarm at 20% LEL. Which is the indoor action level & which is the out door action level?

10% LEL is indoor action level at which we will begin evacuation if we are unable to reduce the LEL level immediately.


What does a series of crosses indicate under the COMB/EX & THE O2 icon on the ALTAIR meter?

The atmosphere is above 100% LEL.
The atmosphere is above 25% o2


While out on AFID L-159 encounters an open hydrant. They try to shut it down normally but are unable to do so. How should they shut it down?

Place wrench on fitting & turn counter clockwise 17 times.


T/F: Members shall not take any actions relating to removing electrical wires from people and/or vehicles until wires are de-energized by the utility co.

members are not to attempt to remove people from cars or place hose on wires. also do not attempt to move wires w/rope or hook


When checking nearby buildings at an electrical wires down incident, how shall you check the panel for heat?

use a TIC. Checking by hand can result in electrocution.


If you stretch a handline at an electrical wire down call what type of nozzle would be attached and what is the safe distance to be from the wires?

Fog nozzle

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