fundamentals of molecular medicine

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Intro to Electron Microscopy
List the 10 organellesidentify th...,
What tissue is this,
What type of image what magnifica...
53  cards
Intro to Microscopy
Describe how a microscope work,
Knurled head locking screw,
The specimen holder
35  cards
Chemistry of Life
Fundamentals of molecular medicine,
Fundamental of,
64  cards
Intro to Metabolism
What is metabolism,
Options von gierke disease classi...,
Normal non fasting levels of glucose
103  cards
The Nucleus
Rbc s don t have,
What type of image is this,
Compartmentalization of nucleus
40  cards
DNA Structure
What are the conclusions of this ...,
Who discovered genes are made of dna,
What are the two sugars in nuclei...
53  cards
To lose one pound of weight ones ...,
In order to maintain his her curr...,
Under fasting conditions which of...
200  cards
Nucleus Pt. II
Whats th,
Quickly draw an image with all th...,
What is chromatin
48  cards
DNA Replication
What is semi conservative replica...,
Origins of replication,
How does the old replication theo...
21  cards
Introduction to Microscopy
36  cards
Both meiosis and mitosis convert ...
66  cards
Mitochondria and Fluorescent Microscopy
Overview and review,
What type of microscopy indicate ...,
40  cards
Histology of Nucleus
31  cards
Exocytosis vs endocytosis,
40  cards
Radiation Therapy
Discovery of x rays,
Discovery of radioactivity,
Definition of radiation
26  cards
Genetic Variation
How many,
What is the current best estimate...,
How does phenotypic variation arise
25  cards
Mutation and Repair
The genetic code,
Explain the concept of,
What are the 3 point mutations
34  cards
Practice Problems
The chirality of which carbon wil...,
Digestive problems when eating mi...,
Northern blot vs southern blot
31  cards
RNA Synthesis
Explain transcriptional initiatio...,
Non template dna,
Template dna
21  cards
TCA Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation
What are the important elements o...,
What is the role of the,
Mitochondriainnermembrane feature...
119  cards
Histology of Cytoplasmic Organelles
What type of tissue is this,
What type of tissue is this,
What is a significant feature of ...
52  cards
HMP Shunt Pathway
What is the overall point of the ...,
Roles of hmp shunt pathway,
What pathway will require 5 carbo...
55  cards
Gene Regulation Pt. IV
Why did epigenetic get selected for,
Because epigenetic information te...,
Phenotype and the environment
30  cards
CILS Molecular Techniques Pt. II
True or false if a researcher wan...,
True or false,
G1 s checkpoint of the cell cycle...
17  cards
Protein Folding, Structure, and Function
Function and roles of proteins,
Fails to fold correctly,
Protein is not stable enough to
62  cards
Fatty Acids
Overview of fatty acid metabolism,
Why is fatty acid storage more co...
86  cards
Protein Translation
Sturcture function features of trna,
Overview of trna
20  cards
Vesicles, Inclusions, and Cytoskeleton
What are endosomes,
What is the following figure showing,
51  cards
Red Blood Cell Structure and Function
Identify relevant features of thi...,
Plasma vs hematocrit,
Blood volume vs fluid volume in t...
41  cards
Hemoglobin Structure and Function
Hemoglobin vs myoglobin,
3 demensional folding of
45  cards
Pharmacodynamics Part I
General features of receptors,
Agonist def,
Antagonist definition
54  cards
Fibrous Proteins
Fibrous protein,
Collagen and collagen related dis...
53  cards
ER and Golgi
Overview of protein synthesis,
Once proteins finish synthesis,
Antibiotics and protein synthesis
34  cards
Pharmacodynamics Pt. II
Agonist vs anatgonist vs antagoni...,
Eqn for agonist alone
24  cards
Cellular Adaptations
Responses of stressed cells,
Liver accumulation
59  cards
Phospholipid and Glycolipid Metabolism
Lipid nomenclature,
Roles of phospholipids
34  cards
Body Fluid Spaces
Compartmentalization of fluids,
43  cards
Drug Absorption
Routes by which solutes can trans...,
Drug absorption and distribution
49  cards
Phospholipid and Glycolipid Metabolism Pt. II
Ganglioside function,
Biosynthesis of gm1,
38  cards
Mendelian Inheritance
29  cards
Drug Absorption Pt. II
Trapping a weakly basic,
Henderson hasselbach equation,
Where is aspirin absorbed and why
35  cards
Blood Plasma
Blood volume vs plasma volume
28  cards
Metabolism: Exercise and Starvation
Starvation big picture,
Case study,
Overall pathways to be integrated
39  cards
Membrane Transport Proteins
Lecture overview,
Ions in plasma,
Patient with hypoatremia
37  cards
Gene Mapping
Neurofibromatosis 1,
Shortcuts to finding the mutation
29  cards
Pharmacokinetics Pt. I
What is pharmacokinetics,
Why is pharmacokinetics important,
4 equations
33  cards
Simplistic model of the kidney,
39  cards
Metabolism: Starvation and Exercise Pt. II
Starved adipocyte,
Starved muscle,
Muscle liver adipocyte starving c...
44  cards
Pharmacokinetics Pt. II
Pharmacokinetics pt ii,
Equations in pharmacokinetics pt ii,
Start of infusion and wash out
24  cards
CILS: Accumulations and Adaptations
T or f inclusion bodies due to vi...,
Herpes virus builds up in both lo...,
Cellular atypia is not a histopat...
28  cards
Last Minute Reminders
Simplified view of phospholipid s...,
What is a plasmalogen,
Sphingosine biosynthesis
45  cards
Cell Signaling
Overview of signal tra,
Cellular communication and the ce...
46  cards
Cell Movement and the Cytoskeleton
Why should a physician care about,
The cytoskeleton
60  cards
Bacterial Growth and Genetics
Prokaryotic vs eukaryotic cells,
Growth and metabolism in human vs...
49  cards
Urea Cycle
Urea cycle big picture,
3 transaminations,
Vitamin b6 and aa metabolism
33  cards
Signal Transduction
Fundamentals of molecular medicine,
What is cancer
54  cards
Pharmacology Small Groups
How could a cell s receptors beco...,
Name this phenomenon how does it ...,
Draw 5 dose response curves for t...
17  cards
Structural Aspects of Innate Immunity
Structural biology,
41  cards
Immunology Overview
Overview of immunology,
28  cards
Amino Acid Metabolism
Properties of amino acids,
More properties of amino acids,
Essential amino acids
38  cards
Amino-Acid Self Study
29  cards
Antibody Structure
Primary vs secondary response,
Antigens and immunogenecity
47  cards
Amino Acid Metabolism Pt. II
Phenylalanine degredation,
38  cards
Nature vs. Nurture
Nature vs nurture debate,
Genetic aspects
35  cards
Multifactorial Inheritance
Leading causes of,
What makes complex diseases complex
23  cards
Last Minute Reminders
Tyrosine vs jak stat vs,
Insulin growth promoting cascade
71  cards
Nucleic Acids
Gout and orotic aciduria,
What is gout,
Which one of the following is not...
34  cards
Humoral Immunity
Effector functions of ig,
Antibody vs,
Igm vs igg after first exposure
34  cards
Cancer Genetics
What is cancer,
Cancer treatment types
44  cards
Nucleic Acids Pt. II
Adenosine de,
Guanosine degredation,
Treatments for gout
36  cards
Minerals: Essential Micronutrients
Micronutrients vs macronutrients,
Factors that affect micronutrient...
44  cards
Generation of Diversity
Clonal selection,
How many gene families are there
37  cards
Antigen Processing
Review of antibody effector,
Pathogens growing inside host cells,
Life cycle of lysteria mono
15  cards
Innate Immunity
What abs activate complement,
Overview of complement,
Physiological activities of compl...
35  cards
Flowchart of fat soluble vs water...,
What are vitamins,
29  cards
Gene Testing
Goals for screening genetic disor...,
Population screening,
27  cards
Synthesis of prpp
113  cards

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