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components of the core interview

- CC
- pain and symptom assessment
- medical tx and meds
- current fitness level
- sleep related hx
- stress
- final questions


key factors to consider: side effects of meds

can mimic musculoskeletal conditions


key factors to consider: comorbidities

- contribute to morbidity and mortality
- must be documented in problem list


key factors to consider: visceral pain mechanisms

- systemic or viscerorganic origin relieved with PT may have psychologic component


reasons for screening: direct access

you take primary responsibility or first contact


reasons for screening: quicker and sicker patient base

rapid recovery protocols, but pts have more comorbidities and serious conditions


reasons for screening: signed prescription

pt obtains PT script without seeing physician based on similar complaints of musculoskeletal symptoms in the past


reasons for screening: medical specialization

may fail to recognize underlying systemic disease


reasons for screening: disease progression

- early s/s difficult to recognize
- not all s/s are present during initial eval


reasons for screening: pt disclosure

pt may disclose info that is previously unknown to PCP


reasons for screening: presence of one or more yellow or red flags

influence need for referral


FUPs: signed Rx/patient disclosure FUP

- Did you actually see the physician?
- Did the doctor examine you?


red/yellow flags: PMH

- personal of family hx of cancer
- recent infection
- recurrent colds/flus with cyclical pattern
- recent hx of trauma
- hx of immunosuppression
- hx of injection drug use


red/yellow flags: risk factors

- substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco, drug)
- age, gender, race, occupation, BMI, lifestyle
- hysterectomy
- exposure to radiation
- domestic violence


red/yellow flags: clinical presentation

- insidious onset
- failure of conservative tx
- weight loss
- gradual or cyclical presentation of symptoms
- unrelieved by position change or rest
- s/s persisting longer than expected
- unable to provoke or alleviate symptoms during exam
- no pattern
- bilateral


red/yellow flags: pain pattern

- back or shoulder pain
- pain accompanied by full painless ROM
- night pain
- constant and severe
- poorly localized pain
- pain changes with food intake and med use


red/yellow flags: associated s/s

- recent report of confusion
- presence of constitutional symptoms or vital signs
- proximal muscle weakness + change in DTR
- joint pain with rash, nodules
- cluster s/s correlated to involvement of certain organs
- unusual menstrual cycles

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