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What should be considered for a pt who has MS (with respect to PT tx)?

- fatigue and weakness
- use of intrathecal Baclofen
- repetitive submax training is most beneficial for them
- movement analysis


What are the complaints a pt with MS most often takes to a PT?

fatigue and weakness


What is the Modified Fatigue Index?

self-report scale to monitor changes in level of fatigue


Helpful to see if this is affecting fatigue and weakness with an MS pt



Implications for the use of intrathecal Baclofen with an MS pt

- Spasticity person is using to assist with function will be altered
- Perception of strength given by stiffness may disappear


Why might repetitive submaximal STRENGTH TRAINING be best for MS pts?

- likely have impairment of cardiopulmonary systems
- sensitivity to heat
- increased body temp


Analysis of movement of an MS pt might clue you into these

determine sensory and motor deficits that may be contributing to loss of postural control and mobility

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