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Pulse pressure definition,
Pulse pressure values,
Widened pulse pressure indicates
24  cards
Glycosaminoglycans gag,
54  cards
Skin, hair and nails
Vellus hair,
Terminal hair,
Eccrine sweat gland
72  cards
common lab panels
Hepatic function
50  cards
Vital signs
Small weak pulses indicate,
Large bounding pulses indicate,
Pulsus alternans
40  cards
Hematology and Anemias
65  cards
Urine Studies
Urinalysis can be used to diagnose,
First morning specimen
59  cards
Sebaceous gland,
Ceruminous glands,
26  cards
Bones, Articulations and Landmarks
Joints associated with scapula,
Joints associated with humerus,
Joints associated with clavicle
23  cards
Palpebral fissure,
Bulbar conjunctiva,
94  cards
Ear exam
What is the auricle,
Things to consider when changes i...,
Auriculotemporal nerve
40  cards
Bone Tissue
Function of bone tissue,
Medullary cavity
86  cards
Endocrine Lab Studies
Scope of endocrinology,
Increased glucose hyperglycemia m...,
Decreased blood sugar hypoglycemia
35  cards
Thyroid Studies
T3 and t4 function,
20  cards
Adrenal Studies
3 zones of the adrenal cortex,
Adrenal medulla produces,
Aldosterone function
20  cards
Nose and Throat Exam
What should you note about nasal ...,
Normal nasal discharge is,
Bacterial infection may have what...
51  cards
Bones of the Skull and Face
Which types of malignancies like ...,
Neurocranial bones,
Viscerocranial bone
21  cards
3 steps of hemostasis,
42  cards
Cornea, Iris and Lens
Corneal arcus senilis,
Corneal abrasion,
Which cn innervates the cornea
40  cards
Autoimmune Markers
43  cards
Fibrous joints,
Examples of fibrous joints,
52  cards
Skeletal Muscles
Which muscles can regenerate,
Which muscles cannot regenerate e...,
What do the intercalated discs re...
72  cards
Lung and Thoracic Exam I
Sternal angle,
Interspace of each rib
54  cards
What must be considered when deal...,
56  cards
Review of Systems
Broad question for general well b...,
Broad question for skin,
Broad question for head
20  cards
Lung and Thoracic Exam II
What questions should you ask dur...,
What extrathoracic structures may...,
What thoracic structure is not in...
40  cards
Acid-Base Disorders
What values are found in an abg,
When do you do the allen test
50  cards
Tumor Markers
What is a tumor,
What are environmental contributo...,
What are the major factors that a...
58  cards
Muscle Physiology
What determines time of twitch,
Heavy load
39  cards
Cardiovascular Anatomy
What is the base of the heart,
What is the apex of the heart,
What is the apical impulse
32  cards
Nervous Tissue Anatomy
What is the enteric neural system,
What is the autonomic nervous system,
What is the somatic nervous system
63  cards
CSF Analysis
Autoimmune disease of the cns,
How do you obtain csf,
Where is the csf produced
24  cards
Other Body Fluids
When is a paracentesis performed,
Prefix for not enough,
What is the purpose of the diagno...
25  cards
Cardiovascular Exam 2
31  cards
Blood Banking
Blood type a,
Which blood type is the universal...,
Which blood type is the universal...
21  cards
Nerve Tissue Physiology
What is considered the insulator ...,
What is the conductor of the nerv...,
What kind of potentials happen at...
39  cards
Spinal Cord
Dorsal root ganglion contains whi...,
Ventral root ganglia contain whic...
45  cards
Cerebral Cortex
What is a gyrus,
What is on the outer portion of t...,
What is on the inner portion of t...
31  cards
Cardiovascular Exam 3
What is the leading cause of deat...,
What is the window to get pts to ...,
Why would you measure jvp
50  cards
What is the most common immunolog...,
What is a dna probe,
Which antibodies form first
59  cards
Lipoproteins and Cardiac Enzymes
Where is cholesterol metabolized,
What transports cholesterol in th...,
Why can cholesterol be a problem
49  cards
What is the purpose of the reticu...,
What are common fixtures througho...,
What are the mamillary bodies
29  cards
Cranial Nerves
Cranial nerves are part of what s...,
What embroyonic structure forms cn,
What four cranial nerves are part...
10  cards
Spinal Cord Pathways
Pain temperature itching tickling...,
What is meant by upper motor neuron,
Where is the alpha motor neuron l...
20  cards
Autonomic System
Where to autonomic neurons origin...,
Preganglionic sympathetic neurons...,
What are paravertebral ganglia
10  cards
What is a major cation in the ext...,
What does sodium content indicate
53  cards
Renal Studies
Glomerular filtration rate,
What is a normal gfr per day,
Why do we measure kidney function...
18  cards
Liver Studies
Which test is used to identify he...,
What does alt stand for,
What are the normal alt values
65  cards
Genetic Disorders
What demographic is most affected...,
What are the diagnostic indicator...,
How can aip be treated
23  cards
Neuro Assessment
When might tendon reflexes be hei...,
What is somatic pain,
What is visceral pain
44  cards
Pharmacology Lecture 1
What factors affect fick s law of...,
What is a weak acid drug,
What is a weak base drug
32  cards
What happens to receptors when th...,
What happens to receptors when th...,
What happens to receptors to dese...
36  cards
Pharmacology Lecture 2
What type of application would an...,
What is parenteral,
What is the first pass effect
21  cards
Neuro Assessment Day 2
What is spasticity,
What would spasticity indicate,
What is rigidity
60  cards
Endocrinology Lecture 2
What do somatotrophs do,
What is somatostatin,
Growth hormone can also have an i...
20  cards
What does the buffy coat contain,
What is the function of blood,
What does plasma contain
35  cards
Abdominal Exam
What is a key to the abdominal exam,
When asking about abdominal pain ...,
What is an extra timing question ...
47  cards
Genetics Review
How many autosomes do we have,
How many sex chromosomes do we have,
How amino acids does the body con...
19  cards
Abdominal Day 2
What is obstipation,
What is steatorrhea,
What is tenesmus
32  cards
White blood cells
What is diapedises,
What binds together during diaped...,
What is the range of leukocytosis
36  cards
Abdominal Day 3
What does a fobt positive test lo...,
What are things that cause false ...,
What is the age at which annual f...
11  cards
Who should receive the zoster vac...,
What is a contraindication of zos...,
Who should get influenza vaccine
26  cards
What covering tissue has most nerves,
What kind of tissue makes up the ...,
Where does svc drain from
52  cards
Musculoskeletal Day 1
What can be developed overtime ac...,
What kind of liquid is synovial f...,
What is a strain
39  cards
Anti-bacterial therapy
What is a bactericidal,
What is a bacteriostatic,
What are common causative agents ...
74  cards
Musculoskeletal Day 2
Damage of spinal cord below l2 re...,
Damage of spinal cord above l2 re...,
What is a level of lesion
39  cards
Blood vessel
What are collateral arteries,
What are functional end arteries
40  cards
HIV lecture 1
What is the definition of hiv,
What is the definitino of aids,
What are the antiretroviral agents
26  cards
Anti-HIV therapy
What is considered a low risk of ...,
What is considered high risk of p...,
What are baseline labs to order w...
30  cards
Musculoskeletal Day 3
Which mm are responsible for supi...,
What mm are responsible for prona...,
What does an intrinsic mm mean
25  cards
Anti-Fungal Therapy
What has caused increased prevale...,
What are superficial mycoses,
What are subcutaneous mycoses
36  cards
Musculoskeletal Day 4
What is the primary flexor muscle...,
What is the primary extensor musc...,
What is the primary adductor musc...
29  cards
What are the cellular elements of...,
What is a role of dendritic cells...,
What are cd4 cells
11  cards
Musculoskeletal Day 5
Where are the menisci palpable,
Where does the synovial cavity lie,
What is the largest joint cavity ...
32  cards
Cycloplegic drugs do what,
What does a sympathomimetic do,
What does a beta adrenergic block...
32  cards
Male Genitalia
What is the smegma,
What is the tunica vaginalis,
What is contained inside the sper...
21  cards
What is mass loading,
What is stiffness effect,
What is discontinuity
21  cards
What is present in intestinal juice,
What are brunner s glands,
What muscularis layer is responsi...
26  cards
What is osmolarity of blood,
Where does ammonia and urea come ...,
What is filtration
20  cards
Renal Day 2
What are macula densa cells,
What are mesangial cells,
What is the tubular pole
38  cards
Female Genitalia
What are important hx questions t...,
What puts a woman more at risk fo...,
Smoking increases risk for which ...
31  cards
Intro to Neuro
Where do low level functions exis...,
Where do high level functions exi...,
Why is neuroanatomy so confusing
33  cards
When is the highest incidence of ...,
What is epilepsy,
What is a primary seizure
18  cards
What kicks off puberty,
What is the normal position of th...,
What does the round ligament do
42  cards
male reproductive
What is the dartos muscle,
What kind of muscle is cremaster ...,
What is contained in the spermati...
25  cards
Altered Mental Status
Ams is appropriate for a diagnosi...,
What is a common reason for prese...,
What is derangement of arousal
36  cards
Movement disorders
What is the most common action or...,
What is the pattern of inheritanc...,
What is the doc for essential tremor
25  cards
When do children experience the m...,
When do children grow in spurts,
What age range is notorious for n...
11  cards
Innate Immunity
Which areas of the body do not ha...,
Which cells are most abundant in ...,
What is lymph fluid called
39  cards
Adaptive Immunity
When does a lymphocyte complete m...,
What is humoral immunity,
What is cellular immunity
29  cards
Fluids and Acid/Base
Which 3 mechanisms are used to el...,
What do buffer systems do,
What is the most abundant buffer ...
21  cards
Endocrinology I
Which hormone is responsible for ...,
What type of cell makes up most o...,
What type of cell is the least ab...
32  cards
Thyroid dz
When would you use thyroid scan a...,
What is normal thyroid uptake at ...,
What is the normal thyroid uptake...
29  cards
Interviewing Techniques
How does tobacco impact healing rate,
How does narcotic use impact postop,
How does alcohol use impact surge...
16  cards
Psychiatric disorder vs physical illness
A diagnosable psychiatric conditi...,
What is an axis i evaluation,
What is an axis ii eval
36  cards
Parathyroid Disease
What is the function of pth in th...,
What is the function of pth in th...,
What is the pathway of vitamin d
25  cards
Intro to Musculoskeletal care
What are the compartments of the ...,
What are the compartments of the ...,
What are the compartments of the ...
10  cards
Diabetes Mellitus
When did the dx criteria for dm c...,
What is the fasting bg level for ...,
Which ethnicity is most affected ...
25  cards
Gait Analysis
What is force measurement,
What are emg studies used for,
What are limitations of emgs
50  cards
DM day 2
What is critical about a dm physi...,
What kind of pain do dm pts feel ...,
What is the primary goal of worki...
46  cards
Personality disorders
What percent of the population ha...,
What is ecosyntonic,
Which pts are more likley to refu...
43  cards
Diabetes Pharmacology
When do glucose and insulin level...,
Which pt has to secrete more insu...,
How long do you try a therapy bef...
12  cards
Shoulder Anatomy
What is in the shoulder complex,
Why is stability sacrificed in th...,
How many degrees of freedom does ...
48  cards
Shoulder Anatomy 2
What is the ratio of movement bet...,
What is the ideal length tension ...,
What is the purpose of the scapul...
46  cards
What is atherothrombotic ischemia,
What is a cardioembolic ischemia,
What is the most common primary h...
21  cards
Insulin therapy in DM
How is endogenous insulin catabol...,
How is subq insulin catabolized,
Remember in pts with ckd that what
14  cards
Hematology Day 1
How large is an rbc,
When are rbcs increased,
What is the normal blood volume
53  cards
Hematology Day 2
Which anemia is a w restless leg,
What is the rule of 3 for ferritin,
What should you tell pt about iro...
39  cards
What size needle do you use for i...,
What do you need to consider when...,
What length needle do you use for...
21  cards
Shoulder Eval and Dx
What is an important shoulder que...,
What kind of pain goes past your ...,
What is the most common rotator c...
30  cards
Coagulation Disorders
What is the life span of a platelet,
How does levonox work,
What is the most common inherited...
39  cards
Elbow and Wrist anatomy
How many degrees of freedom does ...,
Where do the flexor muscles origi...,
Where do the extensor muscles ori...
52  cards
Dermatology Day 1
What do you have to do with derm ...,
What is a macule,
What is a flat discoloration 05cm
24  cards
Mood Disorders
What is mood,
What is affect,
What are mood disorders
46  cards
Elbow and Wrist Dx and Txment
What is a gunstock deformity,
Which rom is mostly affected by a...,
What is the tennis elbow test lat...
40  cards
Hip Anatomy
How many degrees of freedom does ...,
What bones make up the acetabulum,
What part of the acetabulum is co...
54  cards
Venous Lines
What are sites of insertion for a...,
What are contraindications for in...,
How does a picc line work
8  cards
Derm Drugs
What is the preferred route of tx...,
What factors impact derm absoprtion,
What is a pro of ointment
17  cards
Anxiety Disorders
Who suffers more from anxiety d o,
What are sxs of anxiety,
What is the difference between fe...
35  cards
Knee Anatomy
What makes up the knee joint,
Which condyle is longer,
Which condyle of the tibia is larger
34  cards
Ankle Anatomy
What is the true ankle joint,
What is the function of the ankle...,
What are the movements of the tal...
51  cards
GI Drugs Take 1
What kinds of drugs that can mess...,
What is the vicious cycle of gerd,
How do h2ras work
33  cards
What must you avoid when you inje...,
Why would you do a joint aspiration,
What is the leading cause of sept...
24  cards
When does schizophrenia begin to ...,
What does the word schizophrenia ...,
What are the four a s of schizoph...
21  cards
Knee Dx and Txment
What s the difference between eff...,
What should be concerned about wi...,
What is the j sign
16  cards
Psychotic disorders
What is the duration of schizophr...,
When is schizophreniform most common,
What are characteristics of schiz...
20  cards
What should you distinguish when ...,
What time frame defines acute dia...,
What time frame defines chronic d...
42  cards
How many bones are in the vertebr...,
How many iv disks are there,
What is the outer region of the i...
36  cards
What is the mcc of liver dz,
What is hcc,
What is pbc
26  cards
IV Therapy
What is the main reason for putti...,
How many lines do burn victims need,
What do you need to think about w...
32  cards
Somatoform Disorders
What is the definition of somatiz...,
Who is more likely to suffer from...,
When is somatization most likely ...
32  cards
Pancreatic Disease
What is the pancreatic duct,
What is the accessory duct,
What makes up 99 of the pancreas
47  cards
Pulmonary I
What is the most common cause of ...,
What is a common presenting compl...,
What determines an acute cough
36  cards
What is adhd,
How is adhd defined,
How are symptoms in adhd tiered
18  cards
Foot and Ankle
Who is more affected by forefoot ...,
Who needs special attention to fo...,
What does bilateral foot pain ind...
14  cards
Pervasive Developmental Disorders
What is pervasive developmental d...,
When do pdds usually emerge,
What is characteristic of autism
22  cards
What are clues of asthma,
What are common clear triggers fo...,
What is the ddx of night time cough
50  cards
What should you do if you have a ...,
What do you do if the cxr shows w...,
What are classic presentation of ...
47  cards
What is the mcc of young person p...,
What does a fatty embolus cause i...,
What can prevent pneumonia post op
26  cards
Skin Procedures
Can you send a punch biopsy piece...,
When would you use a punch biopsy,
What could you do a shave biopsy on
15  cards
Eating Disorders
Which culture is more prone to ea...,
What is the 3rd most common illne...,
What is characteristic of anorexia
15  cards
Why is back pain hard to treat,
How is most back pain treated,
When does back pain commonly occur
19  cards
CT lecture
How do you protect someone s kidn...,
Why can a vq scan miss a saddle e...,
When would you use a vq
32  cards
Nail Removal
What do you do for subungual hema...,
How much hematoma causes pain bel...,
What should you always evaluate w...
5  cards
Where should moais be managed,
Which ssris are structurally similar,
What are other indications of ssri
13  cards
Pleural Effusion
What is a better assessment of in...,
What would you see on cxr with pl...,
What is the txment for hepatic hy...
9  cards

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