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5 clues an illness may be due to env.

1. patient suspects
2. atypical pattern of illness
3. temporal pattern suggests it - holidays, home etc
4. no obv. other cause
5. Sx suggest a specific env. cause


what is a hazard

inherent cap. of an agent to cause harm


what is receive, path, source model

for there to be a risk, the indiv (receiver), must be exposed (path) to a hazard (source)


what are 3 key aspects to assess in risk assessment

1. hazard identification
2. risk characterization - is the hazard likely to cause these types of Sx
3. exposure assessment


5 types of hazard

1. bio
2. chem
3. physcial
4. ergo
5. psychosoc


what is host, agent, env. in wrong med being given

host - PT to tired to enquire about meds
agent - nurse too hurried
env - night and not enough light


active vs. passive interventions

active - seatbelts- have to keep using them
passive - vaccines - just give once


6 critical elements of risk communication

1. message
2. messenger
3. encoding
4. the channel
5. decoding
6. recipient


important aspects of the message

simple message, but also what one should do with that info


important aspects of the messenger

attitude and empathy more important than status/profession


5 aspects of the recipient that need to be taking into account and tailored to

1. general disposition - optimisitics are low risk feelers
2. affective forecasting - most people think they will cope worse than they do
3. perception of threat - most people think they are at less risk than they are for illness
4. confirmatory bias - we pay attn. to things that support our previous beleifs
5. reduction of vulnerability - need to feel invulnerable can make people ignore risks


what is channel

usually spoken, but can be enhanced with visuals etc.


what is encoding and decoding

language, jargon, slang - both members need to speak the same code

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