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what are the 4 clinical levels and what do they contain

1. supratentorial - hemispheres and CN 1 and 2
2. infratentorial - midbrain, pons, medulla, cerebellum CN 3-12
3. spinal level - cord
4. peripheral - cranial, autonomic and spinal nerves, including dorsal and ventral roots


what are segmental functions

neurons entering or leaving CNS and connecting to peripheral target - lesion interuppts flow into or out of CNS


what are long. functions

tracts passing through a level - lesion may affect up or below that area


what are segmental funct. of supratentorial levels (6)

1. vision
2. smell
3. language
4. memory
5. cognition
6. autonomic integration via pit.


what are long funct. of supratentorial (2)

1. sense and motor to contralateral side of body and face
2. autonomic functions via hypothalamic pathways


what are segmental Sx of supratentorial lesions (6)

1. loss of higher Fx
2. headache
3. altered mental status
4. nausea/vomiting
5. papilledema
6. diploplia


what are segmental Fx of infratentorial (5)

1. ipsi functions of CN 3-12
2. resp, cardio
3. muscle coordination (cerebellum)
4. postural control
5. consciousness and sleep


what are long. Fx of infratentorial

1. sense and motor to contralateral BODY
2. sense and motor to ipsilateral FACE


what are seg. Fx of spinal level

sense, motor, autonomic for that spinal segment


what are 2 long Fx of spinal level

1. motor below that level
2. sensory to above that level


what are segmental and long. symptoms of spinal level lesions

segmental: loss of sense to dermatome and motor to myotome
long. - loss of sense and motor below that level


what are segmental functions of peripheral level

loss of function to that nerve only


what are long. functions of peripheral level


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