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3 ways to assess qualitative research

1. are results credible/valid
2. what are results?
3. how can this help me care for my patients?


4 uses of purposive sampling

1. cover a wide range of potentially relevant social phenomena and perspectives
2. selection criteria varies over time
3. aims to represent: typical, unusual, critica, or politically important
4. convenience sampling - not ideal, but easiest


2 types of observation

1. direct
2. indirect - AV recordings


2 types of direct obs.

1. nonparticipant - fly on the wall
2. participant - more direct involvement


what is key to obs. type?

does the particpation influence the research


3 general types of qual. data collection

1. observation
2. interviews/survey
3. document analyses - charts, journals etc


4 ways to tell data is comprehensive and rich enough

1. needs to have breadth (types of obs.) and depth (extent of each obs)
2. iterative - analyses generate new questions
3. data is as representative of pop. as possible
4. records of personal thoughts to help isolate personal bias


def. theoretical saturation

iteration continues until theory is well developed and further obs. does not generate more data


what is triangulation

corroborated using multiple sources of information


2 types of triangulation

1. investigator - more than one investigator examine data
2. theory - emergent findings are corroborated with existing social theories

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