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2 parts of TSH structure and function

a subunit -
B subunit - give the specific function


what is TSH receptor



what are 2 main parts of TSHR

a unit - outer part
B unit - membrane bound aspect


what are 3 parts of a unit on TSHR

1. LRD region where TSH binds
2. C region of 50 AA that can be cleaved off by enzymes


what is 2 state model for TSHR

1. closed conformation - inactive and can't be bound
2. Open conformation - satbilized by TSH binding


what happens if have mutations at or near stabilizing reagions of TSHR

loss of closed conformation meaning it becomes always active


what happens in graves disease

1. TSRH attacked by protease and C peptide is lost
2. reduction of disulfide bridges realsease a subunit
3. freed a units stim. antibodies
4. antibodies then mimic TSH and get hyper thyroidism


what are the 2 stimulatory pathways influenced by TSH

1. GsA - GCPR
2. GqA - PLC and IP3


what is GsA pathway

1. binding activated adenayn cyclase
2. ATP to cAMP
3. cAMP binds to PKA
4. PKA activates specific protein


what is GqA pathway

1. TSHR activation activates phospholipae C via GTP
2. PLC conversion of PIP2 to DAG and IP3
3. IP3 promotes Ca release from ER
4. Ca and DAG activate PKC
5. PKC phosphorylates other proteins

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