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what are questions asked in qual and quant

quant - how much, what, why
qual - how, why?


when is qual useful

best for some types of research - patient motivation


4 levels that must be evaluated in qual research

1. tools used by researcher
2. methods used to analyze
3. theories informing these methods
4. beleifs about knowledge


what is belief and theory in quant research

assumes there is a single knowable reality - objectivism
theory is positivism


what is qual. theory and definition

constructivism - the reality we perceive is is constructed by social, historical and individual factors


methods in qual. research

talking, observing people, analayzing artifacts, focus groups, observations


what is qual. analysis

inductive - meaning emerges from the data
iterative - move between your finding and the conceptual frameworks


what is positionality in qual research

researchers participate in the context and thus must situate themselves in it - should be made clear in papers


are qual findings generalizable

no, but they are somewhat transferable as a way to think through things


see table comparing the two in outline

do it

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