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def. heart failure

clinical syndrome with multiple causes
- inability to pump blood forward at suff, rate to meet body demands


3 functional classes of HF

1. HF with reduced ejection fraction - dilated heart
2. HF with preserved EF - stiff heart
3. R HF
- can be pure, but often in combo


causes of HF

often the end stage of multiple patho processes
- patho changes are due to attempted changes
- these changes beget further changes


what are 2 main types of cardiomyopathies

primary - usually genetic
- many ways to damage the myocytes


3 classic STRUCTURAL forms of cardiomyopathies

1. dilated pattern - large chamber
2. hypertrophied pattern - chamber small, wall thick
3. restrictive pattern - stiff heart - amyliod
- can all be caused by many different disease processes


what is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

specific type of heart muscle disease - genetic basis
- other forms of hypertrophy can make a hypertrophied pattern - aquired
1. hypertensive
2. fabry's disease
3. LVH due to aortic valve disease


features of dilated cardiomyopathy

- remodelling and hypertrophy
- forward and backward failure
- can be prmary or secondary


what is major complication of dilated chambers

development of mural thrombi


what might be seen in patho of different causes of DCM

- amyloid
- hemochromatosis - Fe
- myocardidis - lymphocytes


what is most common pattern of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

asymettric septal hypertrophy
- scar common


what is issue with scarring

arrythmogenic foci
- prone to sudden death


what is hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopahy

- clincial diagnosis
- mitral valve agaisnt septum causing obs. to blood flow


2 variants of obstructive

1. apical - at base only
2. concentric - all around base


2 Tx opf obstructive

1. alcolohol ablation of the vein supplying the muscle
2. shave it off in surg


what is hypertrophied heart

NOT hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
- due to HT
- common in pop


what is restrictive cardiopyopathy

infiltration of fibrois tissue or other substance into wall andmakes it stiff
- sarcoidosis
- amyoidosis


what is HF with preserved ejection fraction (4 feat.)

diastolic HF
1. impaired relaxation - can't fill
2. incr. LV stiffness -
3. atrial dysfunction - esp if dilated
4. F>M


what is another type of cardiomyopathy

arrythmogenic RV cardiomyopathy - ARVC


what is aRVC

fibro-fatty depostion into the R and L vent
- maybe heritable


what is another name for R sided HF

cor pulmonale
- typically secondary to pulm disease or congenital heart disease with R to L shunt

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